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Spring 2014 Edition

CU Medicine Today Spring 2013

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CU Medicine Today

Gut Check

The microbial cells that live in our bodies vastly outnumber our own cells and impact our health significantly, says Catherine Lozupone, PhD.

Immigrant immersion

Physical Therapy student Derek Enns wanted to stay close to the immigrant community when he came to Denver, so he moved into their housing.

A Call for Pot Research

People are using marijuana to treat diseases, but there's an alarming lack of research to help guide physicians.

Drug overdoses now exceed motor vehicle accidents as a cause of death in the United States. Ingrid Binswanger, MD, says there's something we can do about that. 

A new School of Medicine branch in Colorado Springs will increase class size and train more students.

School of Medicine doctors and students will help run a Guatemalan clinic funded by major fruit producer AgroAmerica.   

5th Gear Kids, a program to educate kids about diet and exercise and reward them for progress, cranked into high gear this year to include 7,000 fifth-graders in 70 schools.

A third-year student learns how important small things can be to a patient with little time left.

SOM Calendar

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