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Exempt Professional Hiring Process Guide

Search Process

Human Resources Website

Job Descriptions

1.    Department submits job description, with Position Number, and Unit Organizational Chart to:

2.    HR reviews, sets salary range, and sends email approval to Departments, copies SOM Dean’s Office.

3.    Chris Scanlan, Dean’s Office routes job description for Dean’s approval, sends to Kevin Jacobs, Vice Chancellor, Human Resources, for approval.  HR scans final approved job description to Department and to Dean’s Office.

Letter of Offer

1.    Department submits original Letter of Offer, signed by Supervisor or Division Head AND Chair, to Chris Scanlan, Dean’s Office.  The Letter of Offer template can be found on the HR website.  Exempt Professional Offer Letter Template

a.    Required items for submission of Letters of Offer

  • Letter of Offer

  • Position Number

  • Confirmation that job is closed in Jobs@CU (copy of email from HR)


2.    The signature line for the Dean’s signature is:

Richard D. Krugman, MD
Dean, School of Medicine

3.    Dean’s Office routes LOO for Dean’s signature, returns original letter to Department.

4.    Dean’s Office submits Letter of Offer and Personnel Matters Report to Human Resources.

(Note:  Exempt Professional deadlines are the same as Faculty Affairs deadlines.)

5.    Once candidate’s signature has been obtained on Letter of Offer, department scans copy of signed letter to Chris Scanlan, Dean’s Office.  Department keeps original Letter of Offer.