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How to Apply

Ideal Candidates and Selection Criteria
ITP participants should spend substantial time each week in a clinical practice, unit, or program on the Anschutz Medical Campus. Candidates may be physicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, or other staff with a clinical role, and should possess limited/no formal training in quality improvement.
Candidates may apply as individuals or together from an eligible clinical area (see Eligibility below). Candidates must obtain supervisor support, including clearly outlined non-clinical time to attend the entire, one-day educational session.


Because ITP focuses on practical skills needed to enhance local quality improvement initiatives, we strongly prefer applicants from a care area or clinical program in which active, well-designed improvement initiatives are being guided by formally designated leaders. If there is no formal structure for improvement work in your care area, we strongly encourage you to consider applying to the one-year Certificate Training Program.​


Application Instructions
1. Cover Letter (Limit: 2 pages)—Each application should include a cover letter.  If candidates are applying together, the group may produce a single, combined letter. The cover letter should include: 

        • Applicant name(s) and role(s) in the care area (including administrative roles)
        • Years on faculty/staff at the Anschutz Medical Campus
        • Department or administrative home (to whom the candidate(s) report(s))
        • Care area (unit, clinic, or program)      

        • A brief description (1-2 paragraphs) of the top 3-5 quality and safety priorities and/or                challenges within the care area.   
        • How ITP will aid the applicant(s) and care area
        • Name of supervisor(s), with confirmation that participant(s) will be released from clinical            and administrative duties for the entire day of ITP training
Formatting: Submit the Cover Letters as a single PDF file to Questions about ITP should be directed to Essey Yirdaw, IHQSE Program Manager, at and Emily Gottenborg, ITP Course Director, at
Next Course Offering: Please contact Essey Yirdaw ( for more information.