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How to Apply

​Ideal Candidates and Selection Criteria
ITP participants should spend substantial time each week in a clinical practice, unit, or program on the Anschutz Medical Campus. Candidates may be physicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, or other staff with a clinical role, and should possess limited/no formal training in quality improvement.
Candidates may apply as individuals or together from an eligible clinical area (see Eligibility below). Candidates must obtain supervisor support, including clearly outlined non-clinical time to attend the entire, one-day educational session.


Because ITP focuses on practical skills needed to enhance local quality improvement initiatives, we will only accept applicants from a care area or clinical program in which actice, well-designed improvement initiatives are being guided by formally designated leaders. Currently, we are accepting applications from the following care areas:


Selection Timeline
July 25, 2016                  Applications Due for Cohort 10 & 11
July 29, 2016                  ITP Acceptance Announced for Cohort 10 & 11
August 5, 2016               Deadline to Confirm Participation 
August 30, 2016              ITP Session, Cohort 10                                                                                     September 16, 2016        ITP Session, Cohort 11


Application Instructions
1. Cover Letter (Limit: 2 pages)—Each application should include a cover letter.  If candidates are applying together, the group may produce a single, combined letter. The cover letter should include: 

        • Applicant name(s) and role(s) in the care area (including administrative roles)
        • Years on faculty/staff at the Anschutz Medical Campus
        • Department or administrative home (to whom the candidate(s) report(s))
        • Care area (unit, clinic, or program)      

        • A brief description (1-2 paragraphs) of the top 3-5 quality and safety priorities and/or challenges 
           within the care area.   
        • How ITP will aid the applicant(s) and care area
        • Name of supervisor(s), with confirmation that participant(s) will be released from clinical and
           administrative duties for the entire day of ITP training
Formatting: Submit the Cover Letters as a single PDF file to Questions about ITP should be directed to Brittany Boznanski, IHQSE Program Coordinator, at and Read Pierce, Associate Director of IHQSE, at
Upcoming ITP Sessions:
October 5, 2016 - application process to start in August
November 16, 2016  - application process to start in August
December 6, 2016  -  application process to start in August 
                  To receive notifications for the next ITP application process, please email: