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ITP Curriculum

​Curriculum Overview
Training for ITP participants includes ~8 hours of quality theory and hands-on application exercises. The curriculum covers the importance of quality science in health care, basic tools for analyzing processes of care and identifying opportunities for improvement, fundamental data collection and analysis techniques to support quality improvement projects, methods for creating and testing potential changes, and tactics for implementing and spreading improvement ideas. These basic improvement concepts are presented in a way that draws on well-studied tenets of change management theory. The program runs over a single day, lasting from 8am to 5pm.

Participant Expectations/Responsibilities
The ITP emphasizes a set of foundational topics and skills that integrate with and build upon one another. Experiential learning methods, including small group work and simulations, draw upon theory embedded across the curriculum. As a result, candidates must be able to commit to 100% attendance—which includes on-site presence and engagement for the entire day of the program. Participants will need to be freed in advance from clinical and administrative responsibilities during all ITP activities.