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About CTP

​The IHQSE is a partnership between the University of Colorado School of Medicine, University of Colorado College of Nursing, Children’s Hospital Colorado, University of Colorado Hospital, and the University of Colorado Health System. Our mission is to improve clinical outcomes, value, and patient experience across our multi-site care delivery system.
The Certificate Training Program (CTP) is the IHQSE’s most rigorous professional development program for clinical unit and program leaders. The CTP focuses intensively on the development and enhancement of highly functioning Clinical Leadership Teams capable of transforming the quality, safety, operational efficiency, and experience of care for patients. It is a year-long course, running annually from January through December, with classes held twice a month.
The program places special emphasis on 1) selecting, developing, and supporting inter- disciplinary, inter-professional teams skilled at leading change; 2) enabling those teams to integrate analysis of quality, safety, operational efficiency, patient experience, staff/provider engagement, and cost data into strategic decision-making and 3) establishing the necessary culture and infrastructure to facilitate continuous performance improvement. CTP graduates are expected to drive ongoing improvement in their clinical domains through outstanding inter-professional leadership, effective change management, alignment with strategic organizational priorities, and integrated process improvement initiatives.