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How to Apply

Ideal Candidates and Selection Criteria
CLD participants should be in formal leadership positions within a clinical practice, unit, or program on the Anschutz Medical Campus. Candidates may be physicians, nurses, pharmacists, or administrators, and should hold a title and/or dedicated funding supporting their leadership roles. We will consider applications from emerging leaders, who expect to receive formal leadership roles and funding following completion of the program.

Candidates need not have any prior formal leadership training, as the concepts presented in CLD are foundational. Candidates who have participated in focused leadership development programs (i.e., 1-2 day seminars) will also find CLD content useful.

We encourage candidates to apply together from a given clinical area. For example, a primary care clinic ideally should have the medical director and nurse manager/director apply together, if possible. Candidates must submit written supervisor support, including clearly outlined non-clinical time to attend all educational sessions.

The CLD is not designed for experienced leaders; we strongly encourage candidates in this group to apply to advanced, 1-2 year leadership programs focused on education (via AME), quality and safety (via IHQSE Certificate Training Program), or research (via CCTSI), depending on their interests and needs.


All clinical faculty and staff employed on the Anschutz Medical Campus are eligible for the CLD.


Application Instructions
1. Cover Letter (Limit: 2 pages)—Each application should include a cover letter. If candidates are applying together (preferred), the group may produce a single, combined letter. The cover letter should include:
        • Applicant name(s) and role(s) in the care area (including administrative roles)
        • Years on faculty/staff at the Anschutz Medical Campus
        • Department or administrative home (to whom the candidate(s) report(s))
        • Care area (unit, clinic, or program)
        • A brief description (1-2 paragraphs) of the top 3-5 strategic priorities and/or challenges within the 
           care area over the next few years
        • How CLD will aid the applicant(s) and care area
2. Letters of Support and Commitment (see Appendix 1 for example letter)—Each applicant must have a Letter of Support and Commitment from his/her direct supervisor, which should:
        • Comment on the applicant’s leadership accomplishments/potential, commitment to performance
           improvement and role in the clinical enterprise
        • Attest to the supervisor’s support for the applicant’s participation in the CLD through reduction in
           clinical, administrative or other duties during the 2 required sessions
        • Outline how the applicant’s completion of the CLD will support key strategic priorities over the next   
           3-5 years for which the supervisor is accountable
Formatting:  Please use 11 point Arial Font with 0.5” margins. Attachments or appendices will not be considered beyond the page limits. Submit the Cover Letters as a single PDF file to  Letters of Support and Commitment should be submitted directly by the letter writer to​.