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Match Day 2019  ​


Fourth-year medical students gathered March 15 in downtown Denver to learn where they will spend their residency years. The 169 graduating students will be joining programs around the country and in Colorado. Watch the livestream video of the three-hour event, and see a slide show of students celebrating their placement.


Match Day Video and Photos→​​​​​​


School of Medicine News

Weekend Sleep Binges Are Unhealthy

People who try to catch up on sleep over the weekend tend to snack more, gain weight and could be more likely to develop diabetes, CU researchers say.

Peanut Allergy Patch

Patches that deliver small doses of peanut to allergic kids were not as effective at reducing reactions as delivering small doses of peanut by mouth, a Children's Hospital Colorado doctor says.

How to Prevent Arthritis

Arthritis in the knee is a common complaint, but it can be prevented and symptoms can often be managed.

Gluten Not a Culprit in Diabetes Onset

Gluten is safe for young children to eat, even if they are at high risk of type 1 diabetes, a CU researcher says.

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