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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

Orthodontics Program

Tuition, Fees and Financial Information

Orthodontics Tuition, Fees and Financial Information

No stipend is offered. Outside employment is strongly discouraged. Scholarships and tuition assistance are available from a variety of sources. Please see the Costs and Financing web site for a complete listing.

Tuition, fees and required equipment(approximate and subject to change)

  • Non-refundable Admission Fee: $2,500 (applied to tuition)
  • Tuition (per year): $51,000 (approximately)
  • CU Specific Computer (1st year only:) $2,300 (approximately)
  • Instrument Lease (per year): $4,000 (approximately)
  • Articulator (1st year only): $1,300 (approximately)
  • Specific High Speed/Low Speed Handpiece: $1,344 (approximately)
  • Parking (optional): $522 (approximately)

Manuals and Books

  • Orthodontic Manual (1st year only): $50
  • Profitt, Contemporary Orthodontics, 5th edition: Purchase on your own
  • Other textbooks and material as required by course director: Varies