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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

General Practice Residency (GPR)

Graduate Program


  • Prepare residents for careers in primary care dentistry
  • Implement a didactic and clinical educational program of excellence for residents
  • Prepare residents to  provide advanced levels of patient care
  • Prepare residents to  perform community service in areas of need
  • Prepare residents to provide oral health care in a hospital setting


  • Train the resident to be skilled in patient evaluation, laboratory diagnosis, medical history and suitable physical assessment. Provide a wide variety of patients with challenging histories to gain practical experience in the above skills.
  • Enhance the resident's oral diagnostic and treatment-planning skills to meet the comprehensive dental needs of the patient.
  • Provide didactic and clinical experiences that train the resident to provide quality comprehensive dental care utilizing current and innovative technology and theory, regardless of the patient's medical, mental, emotional, or physical compromise.
  • Instill a sense of how hospital dentists can serve the community, especially the underserved/low-socioeconomic status patient populations.
  • Educate the resident to competently select and apply appropriate means of pain and anxiety control, including inhalation, oral, transmucosal, and intravenous techniques.
  • Teach hospital and operating room protocol so that the resident may easily admit a patient, perform a history and physical examination, order and assess laboratory tests, consult with other medical specialists, administer pre- and post-operative care, and perform treatment in an operating room setting.
  • Provide intensive education in the recognition and management of medical emergencies in the dental setting.
  • Ensure that residents learn to diagnose and treat common dental emergencies, recognizing when to refer more complex problems to the appropriate medical or dental specialists.
  • Develop the resident's knowledge, skill, and confidence to participate in a multidisciplinary treatment team.
  • Enhance the resident's understanding of practice administration and supervision of auxiliary personnel.
  • Develop the resident's ability to retrieve, critically review and assess pertinent scientific literature.
  • Develop the residents' ability to self-assess their abilities and limitations, while motivating them to be inquisitive, continuous students who strive for quality education and self-improvement.