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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

General Practice Residency (GPR)

Emergency Medicine Rotation

Emergency Medicine


Upon completion of this rotation, the resident will gain:

  1. Introduction to basic emergency medicine
  2. Exposure to assessment and triage of patients
  3. Exposure to management of medical emergencies
  4. Experience in physical assessment and treatment of various patients (e.g. suturing
  5. Experience in obtaining and interpreting the patient’s chief complaint, medical, and social
    history, and review of systems 
  6. Experience in obtaining and interpreting clinical and other diagnostic data from other health care providers 
  7. Experience using the services of clinical, medical and pathological laboratories
  8. Experience performing two history and physical evaluations and collect data in order to establish a medical
  9. Experience in selection and administration of medications used for emergency medical treatment, especially pain and infection
  10. Exposure to the medical care of an economically underserved urban and rural population of patients


During this one week Emergency Medicine rotation, general dental residents will actively participate in the care of patients presenting to the University of Colorado Hospital Emergency Department (ED). The University Hospital serves as a primary care provider for an indigent and medically underserved population of patients. The “state of art” ED serves as a major urban Level I trauma center, thus residents are exposed to a wide variety of urgent and emergent medical situations.

During their ED time, the residents will be assigned to different shifts to maximize their time. In addition, they are encouraged to attend all seminars and lectures sponsored by the Department of Emergency Medicine while they are on rotation.

It is required that two full H&P’s be completed in EPIC under H&P dentistry. These are to be
cosigned by the attending in EPIC and the MR# provided to the GPR director. Completion of
the two full H&P’s will be considered the evaluation mechanism.