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Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree

DDS Curriculum – Year 2


​The primary focus of second year courses is to guide students in the transition from pre-clinical courses to clinical care. Students begin to see their first patients for periodontal appointments during the fall of their second year. Additionally, students refine their hand skills in pre-clinical lab courses involving indirect restorative procedures, fixed and removable prosthodontics, endodontics and esthetic dentistry. Clinical care is emphasized in courses related to pharmacology, occlusion, oral pathology, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, dental materials, oral radiology, c​ariology, pediatric dentistry, pain control, medical emergencies and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Additionally, students take courses on treatment planning and managing a student practice in order to begin providing comprehensive patient care in the student dental clinic during the summer of their second year. 

DSAD 6622    Managing Your Student Practice I
DSBS 6600    Pharmacology
DSON 6610    Oral Pathology I
DSOT 6610    Orthodontics I
DSPE 6604    Periodontics II
DSPE 6605    Periodontics II Lab – Section I
DSRE 6600    Transition Clinic I
DSRE 6606    Indirect Single Tooth Restoration II
DSRE 6607    Indirect Single Tooth Restoration II Lab
DSRP 6600    Combined Removable Prosthodontics
DSRP 6601    Combined Removable Prosthodontics Lab
DSSD 6612    Orofacial Pain
IPED 6001     Interprofessional Education II

DSCD 6623    Managing Your Student Practice II
DSEN 6610    Endodontics I Lecture
DSEN 6611    Endodontics I Lab
DSFD 6610    Fixed Prosthodontics
DSFD 6611    Fixed Prosthodontics Lab
DSON 6612    Oral Pathology II
DSOP 6600    Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry Workshop
DSPD 6620    Pediatric Dentistry I
DSPE 6606    Periodontics II Lab – Section II
DSRE 6601    Transition Clinic II
DSRE 6608    Dental Materials Science II
DSRE 6609    Treatment Planning
DSRE 6611    Occlusion II Lecture I
DSRE 6613    Occlusion II Lab I
DSRE 6644    Cariology II
DSSD 6600    Clinical Dental Pharmacology
DSSD 6604    Pain Control I (Local Anesthesia)
DSSD 6608    Prevention and Management of Medical Emergencies

DSEN 6612    Endodontics II Lecture
DSEN 6613    Endodontics II Lab
DSOP 6610    Operative Dentistry Seminar
DSOS 7710   (1) Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
DSPD 6630    Pediatric Dentistry II
DSPE 6610    Periodontics III
DSRE 6604    Esthetic Dentistry
DSRE 6604    Occlusion II Lecture II
DSRE 6604    Comprehensive Patient Care Clinic “A”
DSRE 6612    Occlusion II Lab II
DSSD 6610    Pain Control II (Nitrous Oxide Analgesia)
VAR - DSFD 6031    Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics I
VAR - DSOD 6031    Clinical Oral Diagnosis I
VAR - DSOP 6031    Clinical Operative Dentistry I
VAR - DSPE 6031    Clinical Periodontics I
VAR - DSRP 6031    Clinical Removable Prosthodontics I

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