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Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree

DDS Curriculum – Year 1


The primary focus of first year courses is to prepare students for the National Board Dental Examinations (NBDE) Part I (which is taken at the end of the summer after first year) and to give students an introduction to dental anatomy and restorative procedures. Students take courses that focus on the health sciences and their applications in dentistry including craniofacial biology, microanatomy, human anatomy, oral histology, microbiology, immunology, physiology and pathology. Additionally, students are introduced to dental care in courses related to dental anatomy, dental materials, cariology, infection control, ethics in the health profession and periodontics. Finally, students begin to develop their hand skills by taking simulation lab courses in both direct and indirect restorative procedures and technique lab courses in dental anatomy and occlusion.

DSAD 5522 Professional Decision Making in Dentistry
DSAD 5855 Independent Study
DSBS 5500 Biochemistry and Human Nutrition
DSBS 5504 Human Anatomy
DSRE 5001 Introduction to Dentistry
DSRE 5500 Dental Morphology (Section 1)
DSRE 5501 Dental Morphology Laboratory (Section 1)
DSRE 5504 Dental Materials Science 1
DSAD 5866 Independent Study
DSBS 5503 Microbiology
DSBS 5505 Immunology
DSBS 5508 Physiology
DSBS 5514 General Pathology
DSDD 5500 Infection Control
DSOP 5504 Principles of Operative Dentistry - Direct Restoration 1
DSOP 5505 Principles of Operative Dentistry - Direct Restoration 1 - Lab
DSRE 5500 Dental Morphology (Section 2)
DSRE 5501 Dental Morphology Laboratory (Section 2)
DSRE 5506 Occlusion 1
DSRE 5507 Occlusion 1 Laboratory
DSRE 5544 Cariology I
PRMD 5000 Ethics in the Health Profession - Part I
DSAD 5877 Independent Study
DSBS 5516 Organ Pathology
DSOD 5500 Health Data Collection 1
DSOP 5506 Principles of Operative Dentistry - Direct Restorations 2
DSOP 5507 Principles of Operativ​e Dentistry - Direct Restorations 2 Lab
DSRE 5508 Indirect Single Tooth Restoration 1
DSRE 5509 Indirect Single Tooth Restoration 1 Lab

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