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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

How ACTS works


Entry into the ACTS Program is open-ended, but students typically begin ACTS through a part-time version known as “block-ACTS.”  For half the class, this begins in June at the end of the DS3 year, with approval of the Competency Review Board (CRB). The remaining half of the class begins block-ACTS in August.  Affiliations for each student during block-ACTS are 2-3 days/week, for a total of ten weeks or about 25 days.  Days not scheduled in ACTS will be scheduled in campus-based clinics or classes.



In December of the DS4 year, the CRB will evaluate each student for completion of required course work and campus-based clinical training.  If a student has completed all school-based requirements and received final clearance from the CRB, she/he will be permitted to complete the final phase, known as “immersion-ACTS,” in January.  At this point, the student will have completed all clinical and didactic requirements for graduation (except for ACTS) and will have been certified by the faculty to be eligible for their clinical board examinations.  The immersion-ACTS phase consists of four full-time, 3-5 week clinical affiliations, for a total of 75 days in clinical practice.