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How ACTS works

In spring of the DS3 year, the school's Competency Review Board (CRB) will evaluate each DS3 student's progress toward completion of required course work and campus-based clinical training.  If a student is not on academic probation and is making acceptable progress toward competency in ongoing school-based requirements and has successfully completed both the pediatric and oral surgery block rotations, the student will receive clearance from the CRB to begin ACTS in the summer term.

In the normal course of events, students spend alternating 2-week periods of time in ACTS and in the school's campus-based clinics throughout the final 12 months of the curriculum.  When the student has completed 4-6 weeks of practice at a given training site, she/he is assigned to a new site.  By graduation, each student will typically have practiced at a total of four different ACTS training clinics.



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