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Students document ACTS course progress here

Daily Case Logging

Students are responsible for keeping a daily log within E-Value of their clinical experiences.  To do this, log into E-Value and click on "Case Logging."  The process should be easy for a digital native to figure out, but if you have questions, refer to the brief slide-set sent to you by Dr. Tobey.  If you can't get on the wireless network at your ACTS clinic, ask your preceptor for help.  Alternatively, you could do your case logging with one of your ACTS clinic's plugged-in desktop workstations.  Or you could use your phone or tablet.  E-Value is "optimized for smartphones and tablets."  However you do it, you need to do your case-logging every day!

End of affiliation assessments

    At the end of each ACTS affiliation, you and your preceptor each fill out online evaluations.  Your preceptor will complete the ACTS-PSA (Practice Skills Assessment) for you.  You'll complete the ACTS-PSA on yourself, as a self-assessment.  You'll also complete a feedback questionnaire about your preceptor's teaching style and a separate one about your preceptor's clinic.

    End of ACTS assessment

    At the end of ACTS, you'll be getting ready to graduate from dental school.  After you've finished treating patients in ACTS, you'll schedule a brief ACTS exit interview with Dr. Tobey.  The purpose of the interview is to get feedback on how ACTS went for you.  She'll be looking for a student's-eye view of your ACTS clinics.  The ACTS signature will end your status as an enrolled student and that's an important legal event.  When your status as an enrolled student ends, your unversity malpractice insurance also ends.  That's why we wait until you're finished treating patients.

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