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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

Post-Baccalaureate Program

Make your dream of a dental career a reality!

The University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine is excited to offer a Post-Baccalaureate Program designed to better prepare students to be accepted into dental school and to achieve their dream of becoming a practicing dentist. 

This program is a structured, yearlong curriculum with a full academic load in the sciences. This concentration in the sciences not only allows the student to improve his or her credentials, it also has the potential to ease the academic stress of the first year of the dental curriculum. 

The School of Dental Medicine is committed to and the post baccalaureate program is designed to increase the number of historically underrepresented individuals within the health care professions for the purpose of reducing health disparities among underserved communities in Colorado.   We encourage students from underrepresented groups or categories (first generation college attendee, low income/financial need, rural or ethnic minority such as Black or African American, Hispanic (i.e. Chicano, Mexican, Latino, Puerto Rican, Cuban, or Central American, or of Spanish origin), American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander to apply.

The Program

To be eligible for this program, you must have submitted an application to the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine.  You DO NOT apply directly to the "Post Bac" program.  Students who are considered for the "Post Bac" program are those who have applied to our dental school but were not admitted for that academic year.  You must enter AADSAS for the year that you are applying for, but you will be special "deferred/delayed matriculation" category that our office will help you negotiate.  Applicants in this "deferred/delayed matriculation" category can only be deferred at one dental school, i.e. Colorado, and may not apply elsewhere for the same academic cycle.  If you wish to apply to other dental schools for the same academic year, you may not enter the "Post Bac" program. 

Scholarships Available

The best news is that students selected will be awarded a scholarship that will cover tuition, books, and routine student fees. There are a limited number of these scholarships available so each application will be reviewed to make selections from the application pool.  

Applicants in this category can be deferred at only one school (i.e. Colorado) and may not apply elsewhere for that academic year. 

Academic Year Courses and Program Requirements

Students enter the Program in the fall semester of the year in which they are selected. They are required to carry a minimum of 24 credit hours spread over the two semesters. (Fall and Spring) and achieve a 3.3 grade point average (GPA) or better each semester. The courses taken must include Advanced Biochemistry, Anatomy, and Physiology. All courses are offered in each semester. All courses are at a senior or graduate level. In addition to completing the curriculum with at least a 3.3 GPA, students must have achieved a DAT score average of 17 or higher. An essential component of the program is monthly advice and counseling from faculty members involved in the undergraduate and the dental programs. 

To be eligible for our Post-bac program you must do the following:

  1. Apply to the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine.
  2. If granted an interview, you must come to Denver for the interview.
  3. Colorado residents will be given priority consideration.
  4. Be responsible for your room and board while in Denver.
  5. You must have a bachelors degree to begin this program
  6. You must have completed all dental school course prerequisites.  


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