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Jeffrey Stansbury

Professor and Associate Dean for Research

Dr. Jeffrey Stansbury

Craniofacial Biology
Mail Stop 8120
13065 E. 17th Avenue
Aurora, CO, 80045

Phone: 303-724-1044
Fax: 303-724-1945


  • PhD, Organic Chemistry, University of Maryland, College Park
  • BS, Chemistry, University of Maryland, College Park

Departmental Affiliations:

  • Chemical and Biological Engineering

Honors & Awards:

  • Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Society - Honorary Member, 2010
  • Wilmer Souder Award - IADR Dental Materials Group Distinguished Scientist, 2009
  • University of Colorado Denver New Inventor of the Year, 2004
  • University of Colorado Emerging Leaders Program Fellow, 2003-04

 Research Interests

  • Dental materials/biomaterials

  • Polymer chemistry

  • Photopolymerization

  • Bioengineering


 Recent Publications


Yang H, Li G, Zhu X, Stansbury J, Wang X, Nie, J. Smart antibacterial surfaces made by photopolymerization. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2016; 8:28047-28054.

Gotti V, Correr AB, Lewis SH, Feitosa VP, Correr-Sobrinho L, Stansbury JW. Influence of nanogel additive hydrophilicity on dental adhesive mechanical performance and dentin bonding. Dental Materials 2016; 32:1406-1413.

Song HB, Sowan N, Shah PK, Baranek A, Flores A, Stansbury JW, Bowman CN. Reduced shrinkage stress via photo-initiated copper(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC) polymerizations. Dental Materials 2016; 32:1332-1342.

Kalliecharan D, Germscheid W, Price RB, Stansbury J, Labrie D. Shrinkage stress kinetics of Bulk Fill resin-based composites at tooth temperature and long time. Dental Materials 2016; 32:1322-1331.

Saraswathy M, Stansbury J, Nair D. Water dispersible siloxane nanogels: a novel technique to control surface characteristics and drug release kinetics. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2016; 4:5299-5307.

Liu J, Shah PK, Stansbury JW. Controlled nanogel and macrogel structures from self-assembly of a stimuli-responsive amphiphilic block copolymer. RSC Advances 2016; 6: 64791-64798.

Medel S, Bosch P, Grabchev I, Shah PK, Liu J, Aguirre-Soto A, Stansbury JW. Simultaneous measurement of fluorescence, conversion and physical/mechanical properties for monitoring photopolymerization reactions in heterogeneous systems. RSC Advances 2016; 6:41275-41286.

Kaastrup K, Aguirre-Soto A, Stansbury JW, Bowman CN, Sikes HD. UV-Vis/FT-NIR in-situ monitoring of visible-light induced polymerization of PEGDA hydrogels initiated by eosin/triethanolamine/O2. Polymer Chemistry 2016; 7:592-602.
Dailing EA, Nair DP, Setterberg WK, Kyburz KA, Yang C, D’Ovidio T, Anseth KS, Stansbury JW. Combined, independent small molecule release and shape memory via nanogel-coated thiourethane polymer networks. Polymer Chemistry 2016; 7:816-825.
Stansbury JW, Idacavage M. 3D printing with polymers: challenges among expanding options and opportunities. Dental Materials 2016; 32:54-64.
Randolph L, Steinhaus J, Möginger B, Gallez B, Stansbury J, Palin W, Leloup G, Leprince J. Photopolymerization of filled dimethacrylate-based dental composites using Type I or Type II photoinitiators and varying co-monomer ratios. Dental Materials 2016; 32:136-148.

Podgórski M, Becka E, Claudino M, Flores A, Shah P, Stansbury JW, Bowman CN. Ester-free Thiol-ene Dental Restoratives - Part B: Composite Development. Dental Materials 2015; 31:1263-1270.
Podgórski M, Becka E, Claudino M, Flores A, Shah P, Stansbury JW, Bowman CN. Ester-free Thiol-ene Dental Restoratives - Part A: Resin Development. Dental Materials 2015; 31:1255-1262.
Aguirre-Soto A, Hwang AT, Glugla D, McLeod R, Bowman CN, Stansbury JW. Coupled UV-Vis/FT-NIR spectroscopy for kinetic analysis of multiple reaction steps in polymerizations. Macromolecules 2015; 48:6781–6790.
Dailing EA, Stansbury JW. Rapidly photocurable nanogels as water-based, multi-substrate adhesives. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (submitted).
Forman DL, McLeod RR, Shah PK, Stansbury JW. Evaporation of low-volatility components in polymeric dental resins. Dental Materials 2015; 31:1091-1099.
Sridhar B, Dailing E, Brock JL, Stansbury JW, Randolph MA, Anseth KS. A biosynthetic scaffold that facilitates chondrocyte-mediated degradation and promotes articular cartilage extracellular matrix deposition. Regenerative Engineering and Translational Medicine DOI 10.1007/s40883-015-0002-3.
Yang F, Yang J, Zheng K, Stansbury JW, Nie J. Electro-induced cationic polymerization of vinyl ethers by using ionic liquid 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate as initiator. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 2015; 216:380-385.
Gotti VB, Feitosa VP, Sauro S, Correr-Sobrinho L, Leal FB, Stansbury JW, Correr AB. Effect of antioxidants on the dentin interface bond stability of adhesives exposed to hydrolytic degradation. Journal of Adhesive Dentistry 2015; 17:35-44.
Szczepanski CR, Stansbury JW. Modification of linear prepolymers to tailor heterogeneous network formation through photo-initiated Polymerization-Initiated Phase Separation. Polymer 2015; 70:8-18.
Pfeifer CS, Shelton ZR, Wilson ND, Windmoller D, Stansbury JW. Tailoring heterogeneous polymer networks through polymerization-induced phase separation: influence of composition on network structure and domain size and distribution. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (submitted).
Szczepanski CR, Stansbury JW. Accessing photo-based morphological control in phase-separated, cross-linked networks through delayed gelation. European Polymer Journal 2015; 67:314-325.
Dailing EA, Setterberg WK, Stansbury JW. Photopolymerizable nanogels as macromolecular precursors to covalently crosslinked water-based networks. Soft Matter 2015; 11:5647-5655.

Dailing EA, Lewis SH, Barros MD, Stansbury JW. Construction of monomer-free, highly crosslinked, water-compatible polymers. Journal of Dental Research 2014; 93:1326-1331.
Liu J, Stansbury JW. RAFT-mediated control of nanogel structure and reactivity: Chemical, physical and mechanical properties of monomer-dispersed nanogel compositions. Dental Materials 2014; 30:1252–1262.
Xi W, Peng H, Aguirre-Soto HA, Kloxin CJ, Stansbury JW, Bowman CN. Spatial and temporal control of thiol-Michael addition via photo-caged superbase in photo-patterning and two-stage polymer networks formation. Macromolecules 2014; 47:6159–6165.
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Wydra J, Cramer N, Stansbury JW, Bowman CN. The reciprocity law concerning light dose -relationships applied to BisGMA/TEGDMA photopolymers: Theoretical analysis and experimental characterization. Dental Materials 2014; 30:605-612.
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Aguirre A, Hooi‐Lim C, Hwang A, Musgrave CB, Stansbury JW. Visible-light organic photocatalysis for latent radical-initiated polymerization via 2e-/1H+ transfers: Initiation with parallels to photosynthesis. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014; 136:7418–7427.
Shah PK, Stansbury JW. Role of filler in the evolution of properties in polymeric dental restoratives. Dental Materials 2014; 30:586-593.
Feitosa VP, Sauro S, Ogliari FA, Stansbury JW, Ogliari AO, Carpenter GH, Watson TF, Sinhoreti MA, Correr AB. The role of spacer carbon chain in acidic functional monomers on the physico-chemical properties of self-etch dental adhesives. Journal of Dentistry 2014; 42:565-574.
Liu J, Rad I, Sun F, Stansbury JW. Photo-reactive nanogel as a means to tune properties during polymer network formation. Polymer Chemistry 2014; 5:227-233.

 Selected Publications

Thompson VP, Watson TF, Marshall GW, Blackman BRK, Stansbury JW, Schadler LS, Pearson RA, Libanori R. Outside-the-(cavity-prep)-box thinking. Advances in Dental Research 2013; 25:24-32.
Cramer NB, Stansbury JW, Bowman CN.  Recent advances and developments in composite dental restorative materials.  Journal of Dental Research 2011; 90:402-416.
Ferracane JL, Stansbury JW, Burke FJT.  Self-etching cements – chemistry, properties and clinical considerations. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2011; 38:295-314.
Kim D, Stansbury JW.  A photo-oxidizable kinetic pathway of three-component photoinitiator systems containing porphrin dye (Zn-tpp), an electron donor and diphenyl iodonium salt (DPI).  Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 2009; 47:3131-3141.
Stansbury JW, Bowman CN, Newman SM.  Shining a light on dental composites.  Physics Today 2008; 61:82-83.
Johnson PM, Stansbury JW, Bowman CN.  Kinetic modeling of a comonomer photopolymerization system using high-throughput conversion data.  Macromolecules   2008; 41:230-237.
Lemon MT, Jones MS, Stansbury JW.  Hydrogen bonding interactions in methacrylate monomers and polymers.  Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part A 2007; 83A: 734-746.
Lemon MT, Ge J, Lu H, Tanaka J, Stansbury JW.  Dimethacrylate derivatives of dimer acid. Journal of Polymer Science: Part A: Polymer Chemistry 2006; 44:3921-3929.
Calheiros FC, Kawano Y, Stansbury JW, Braga RR.  Influence of radiant exposure on shrinkage stress, degree of conversion and mechanical properties of resin composites.  Dental Materials 2006; 22:799-803.
Johnson PM, Reynolds TB, Stansbury JW, Bowman CN. High throughput kinetic analysis of photopolymer conversion using composition and exposure time gradients. Polymer 2005; 46:3300-3306.
Carioscia JA, Lu H, Stansbury JW, Bowman CN.  Thiol-ene oligomers as dental restorative materials.  Dental Materials 2005; 21:1137-1143.
Hu L, Carioscia JA, Stansbury JW, Bowman CN.  Investigations of step-growth thiol-ene polymerizations for novel dental restoratives.  Dental Materials 2005; 21:1129-1136.
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Lu H, Stansbury JW, Dickens SH, Eichmiller FC, Bowman CN.  Probing the origins and control of shrinkage stress in dental resin-composites: II. Novel method of simultaneous measurement of polymerization shrinkage stress and conversion.  Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 2004; 71B:206-213.
Lu H, Stansbury JW, Bowman CN.  Towards the elucidation of shrinkage stress development and relaxation in dental composites. Dental Materials 2004; 20:979-986.
Lin Y, Stansbury JW.  NIR spectroscopic investigation of water effects on cationic photopolymerization of vinyl ether systems.  Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Chemistry 2004; 42:1985-1998.
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Stansbury JW, Dickens SH.  Determination of double bond conversion in dental resins by near infrared spectroscopy.  Dental Materials 2001; 17:71-79.

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