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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

Frontier Center

Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation

Catalyzing changes and creating collaborations between dentistry, primary care, and pharmacy to enhance patient care 

Our educational activities include:BRN_6487_Small.jpg

  • Collaboration between the Dental School and other professions to teach the head and neck exam, flouride varnish, and basic oral health 
  •  Physician Assistant students (in Fall) and Medical School students (in Spring) collaborate with student Dental educators and dental faculty, providing opportunity for students to both teach and learn
  • Collaboration between the Dental School and Pharmacy School
  • Pharmacy students rotate through the Oral Diagnosis Clinic in the Spring
  • Free Sealant Day for middle school students
  • Community oral health screenings at local events


Physician Assistant Students and Dental Students, November 2013

Ongoing Projects:

  • Educational and clinical activities to increase dental students, residents and practitioners’ understanding of systemic disease and health

  • Educational and clinical activities to increase medical providers’ understanding of oral health

  • An oral health curriculum for certificate of emphasis in oral health for non-dental, primary care health professional students

  • A co-location project in which primary care and dental students collaborate to provide interprofessional health care to special populations.

  • Opportunities for faculty, students, and community practitioners to learn current concepts in cariology.  

  • Expertise and evidence-based continuing education for the entire health community

  • Addressing the issue of emergency department visits for non-traumatic oral health conditions

  • Expanding collaborations to other schools and programs on the Anschutz Medical Campus

View the following lectures by School of Dental Medicine faculty:

Fluoride:  Benefits,Concerns, and Public Policy – Clifton Carey, PhD (9/11/12)

Dr. Clifton Carey, PhD
Professor, Department of Craniofacial Biology

  • Why fluoride is used to prevent caries
  • How does it work to prevent caries
  • What are the most prevalent fluoridation strategies
  • What is fluorosis?
  • Public use of fluoride (risks, benefits, changes in recommendations)
  • Challenges for dental professionals

Prenatal and Infant Oral Health Update - Elizabeth Shick, DDS, MPH (10/11/12)​

Dr. Elizabeth Shick, DDS, MPH
Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatric Dentistry

  • Prenatal and Infant Oral Health
    • Local and national eitology and prevalance of Early Childhood Caries
    • Access to care 
    • Relationship between caries and pregnancy, infancy, childhood and families
  • Clinical Tools
    • Counseling pregnant women and caregivers of children age 0-3 years
    • Current practice reccomendations for pregnancy and children 0-3
    • Local and national inititatives and resources