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First year coursework required of all graduate students in any of the Basic Science graduate programs consists of the 5-part Biomedical Sciences Core Course, 3 Research Rotations, Seminars and Ethics in Research.

Specific to the Structural Biology Program, STUDENTS MUST TAKE 2 OF THE 3 STRUCTURE COURSES; BMST 7350, 7354 or 7454 during the Spring Semester of their first and/or second year:



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Course Description
Molecular Interactions3 hours -Taught Spring of Odd Years Dr. Elan Eisenmesser & Dr. David Bain
Course Description: Provide chemical/physical basis for protein structure, folding, function and stability. Presents methods/principles of protein/peptide purification and enzyme catalysis including electron transfer and mutagenesis. The role of molecular dynamics and use of molecular simulations in the investigations of protein-ligand/protein-protein interactions.
Biophysics & Spectroscopy3 hours - Taught Spring of Even YearsDr. Brad Bendiak & Dr. Krishna Maellela
Course Description: The Biophysics and Spectroscopy course will teach fundamentals of modern molecular spectroscopies and biophysical techniques as applied to biomolecules and the structural/dynamic information they afford.
Molecular Structure A (NMR)1.5 hours-Taught first half of the semester Fall of Odd Years Dr. David Jones
Course Description: Gain an in depth understanding of the underlying principles of an NMR experiment, so that student can turn NMR theory into NMR practice for their research.
 Molecular Structure B (X-Ray Crystallography)1.5 hours-Taught second half of the semester Fall of Odd Years Dr. Rui Zhao
Course Description: Understand the theory and practice of structural determination using x-ray crystallography.
Molecular Structure C (Mass Spec)1.5 hours-Taught first half of the semester Fall of Even Years Dr. Kirk Hansen & Dr. Robert Murphy
Course Description: The purpose of this course is to provide students with a concise understanding of biological mass spectrometry and it application to study and characterize various classes of biomolecules in state of the art research.
Research in Structural Biology & Biochemistry1 credit hours--Taught each SemesterDr. Mair Churchill
Course Description: Research work in Structural Biology and Biochemistry.
Structure Seminar1 credit hour--Taught Fall and Spring SemestersDr. Mair Churchill
Course Description: Seminar series provides a forum for the presentation of scientific experiments and information in structural biology by faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students.
Doctoral ThesisVariable 1-10 credits--Taught each SemesterDr. Mair Churchill
Course Description: Doctoral thesis work in Structural Biology and Biochemistry.