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Ann D. Thor, Professor and Chair

M.D. (1981) Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Department of Pathology

Campus Box 8104
RC-1 North,  P18-5131

Phone: 303-724-3704

Research interests in the Thor lab are:

  • Markers of breast cancer prognosis or chemotherapeutic response prediction
  • Mechanisms of carcinogenesis involving the receptor tyrosine kinase gene family
  • Molecular and epigenetic factors which may contribute to breast cancer susceptibility

Mungamuri SK, Yang X, Thor AD, Somasundaram K.Survival signaling by Notch1: mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR)-dependent inhibition of p53. Cancer Res. 2006 May 1;66(9):4715-24.

Kim A, Liu B, Ordonez-Ercan D, Alvarez KM, Jones LD, McKimmey C, Edgerton SM, Yang X, Thor AD. Functional interaction between mouse erbB3 and wild-type rat c-neu in transgenic mouse mammary tumor cells. Breast Cancer Res. 2005;7(5):R708-18.

Yang XH, Edgerton S, Thor AD. Reconstitution of caspase-3 sensitizes MCF-7 breast cancer cells to radiation therapy. Int J Oncol. 2005 Jun;26(6):1675-80.

DiGiovanna MP, Stern DF, Edgerton SM, Whalen SG, Moore D 2nd, Thor AD. Relationship of epidermal growth factor receptor expression to ErbB-2 signaling activity and prognosis in breast cancer patients. J Clin Oncol. 2005 Feb 20;23(6):1152-60.

Kosanke S, Edgerton SM, Moore D 2nd, Yang X, Mason T, Alvarez K, Jones L, Kim A, Thor AD. Mammary tumor heterogeneity in wt-ErbB-2 transgenic mice. Comp Med. 2004 Jun;54(3):280-7.

Edgerton SM, Moore D 2nd, Merkel D, Thor AD. erbB-2 (HER-2) and breast cancer progression. Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol. 2003 Sep;11(3):214-21.

Yang X, Edgerton SM, Kosanke SD, Mason TL, Alvarez KM, Liu N, Chatterton RT, Liu B, Wang Q, Kim A, Murthy S, Thor AD. Hormonal and dietary modulation of mammary carcinogenesis in mouse mammary tumor virus-c-erbB-2 transgenic mice. Cancer Res. 2003 May 15;63(10):2425-33.

Jeruss JS, Liu NX, Chung Y, Magrane G, Waldman F, Edgerton S, Yang X, Thor AD. Characterization and chromosomal instability of novel derived cell lines from a wt-erbB-2 transgenic mouse model. Carcinogenesis. 2003 Apr;24(4):659-64.

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