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Graduate School at University of Colorado Denver

The Graduate School at UC Denver
Welcome to the Biomedical Sciences Program

The Biomedical Sciences Program will be accepting applications starting September 1, 2013. Deadline for all applications and materials is December 1, 2013. Applicants selected for interviews may choose between 2/6-9 and 2/20-2/23, 2014 for their campus visit. 

Welcome to the Biomedical Sciences Program!

First Year Graduate School Umbrella Program


Welcome to the University of Colorado Denver Biomedical Sciences Program admissions site. As members of our “umbrella” program you will have access to over 140 faculty in thirteen different PhD graduate programs. For more details, please visit our site. When you submit your application, please select programs in order of your preference. These selections will not limit your research choices if you are admitted as a BSP student. Rather your program selections will help us to find out more about your interests and ensure that when you interview, your visit will be as productive as possible.

The Biomedical Sciences Program (BSP) at the University of Colorado Denver is an umbrella admissions process designed to provide incoming students with the greatest amount of flexibility in choosing a course of study. Please go to our About BSP page to see if our Learning Objectives are a match for your graduate training aspirations. During their first year, BSP Fellows enroll in a comprehensive graduate core course, and selected electives in a discipline of their interest. BSP students also conduct three laboratory research rotations concurrent with their enrollment in the graduate Core Course. Students may rotate with any three members of the faculty that participate in the Biomedical Sciences Program.

The Biomedical Sciences Program is committed to diversity and equality in the recruitment and retention of students to the University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus. We actively seek persons from underrepresented populations, which include, but are not limited to, underrepresented ethnic minorities, disabled persons, and those students who are disadvantaged, from rural areas, and/or first-time-in-family college attendees. Resources for these students are available through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and UCD Disability Resources and Services.

Contact the Biomedical Sciences Program to obtain more information about the Biomedical Sciences Program. Please use the following address or telephone number:

Biomedical Sciences Program
Heide Ford, BSP Director:
Anschutz Medical Campus
University of Colorado Denver

RC1-North, Mailstop 8303
12800 19th St., P18-6101 , Aurora, CO 80045

Tel: (303) 724-3565

You may also e-mail Elizabeth Bowen the BSP Program Administrator, by sending an e-mail to:



Welcome to the Anschutz
Medical Campus

Contact Info:
Biomedical Sciences Program
Heide Ford Ph.D., BSP Director:
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Biomedical Sciences Program

RC1-North, Mailstop 8303
12800 19th St., P18-6101 , Aurora, CO 80045

Biomedical Sciences Program

Phone: 303-724-3565 • Fax: 303-724-3663
Street Address: 12800 19th St, RC1-North, P18-6101
Mailing Address: RC1 North, Mailstop 8303, 12800 19th St, RC1-North, P18-6101 , Aurora, Co 80045
Faculty & Staff Directory
Heide Ford, PhD, Program Director
Bruce Appel, PhD Co-Director
Elizabeth Bowen, Program Administrator
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