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University of Colorado Denver

Study Abroad/Global Education

Courses, Credit, and Academic Calendar

Credits Earned​

International Colleges Beijing courses are CU Denver courses. Students earn CU Denver undergraduate credit and courses appear on students’ transcripts as regular CU Denver courses.

Students may stay for a semester, a year, or more taking classes that fulfill elective or major credit.  While the foci of the program are for Communication and Economics majors, other course offerings include: English, History, International Studies, Math, Geography, Philosophy, Political Science, Accounting, and Sociology.

All non-Chinese students are required to take Chinese Language (beginning through intermediate) and Contemporary Chinese Culture and Society. Chinese, American, and other international students are integrated in the same classroom giving students the opportunity to experience different viewpoints, create lasting friendships, and develop global contacts.

Academic Calendar

   Fall 2015

  • Mid-September - Students arrive and start orientation
  • Mid-September - Students begin classes
  • Late December  - Finals​

    Spring 2016 (tentative)

    • Mid-February - Students arrive and start orientation
    • Late February - Students begin classes
    • Early June - Finals​

  • Available Courses
    Courses displayed below are a sample of the course offerings at International Colleges Beijing

    Econ 2012 Principles of Macroeconomics
    Econ 3811 Statistics
    Econ 3811 Statistics Lab
    Econ 4081 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory​
    Econ 4150 Forecasting
    Econ 4320 Financial Economics
    Econ 4410 International Trade
    Econ 4740 Industrial Organization

    COMM 2020 Communication and Citizenship
    COMM 2022 Evaluating Contemporary Film
    COMM 3520 Media Production
    COMM 3650 Mass Communication and Society
    COMM 4500 Health Communication
    COMM 4621 Visual Communication
    COMM 4688 Seminar: College to Career

    MATH 2421 Calculus III
    MATH 3191 Applied Linear Algebra
    MATH 3000 Intro to Abstract Math
    MATH 4310 Intro to Real Analysis

    ENGL 1601 Telling Tales
    ENGL 2030 Core Composition II
    ENGL 2600 Great Works of British/American Literature

    ACCT 2200 Financial Accounting
    ACCT 2220 Managerial Accounting

    Political Science
    PSCI 3022 Introduction to Comparative Politics​
    PSCI 3042 Introduction to International Relations
    PSCI 4094 American Politics

    CHIN 1010 Beginning Chinese I
    CHIN 1020 Beginning Chinese II
    CHIN 2110 Second Year Chinese I
    CHIN 2120 Second Year Chinese II
    CHIN 3200 Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture
    CHIN 3840 Independent Study Chinese
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