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University of Colorado Denver

Study Abroad/Global Education

Maymester & Summer programs

Study Abroad with CU Denver faculty after Spring semester

​Business School

London Calling: Global and Sports Management     

London Calling: Global Sports & Entertainment Management (Maymester)

England. This course is designed to provide high level access to exciting global organizations in the sports and entertainment industry.


Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Ireland (Maymester)

Ireland. Students will gain a unique perspective of leadership and entrepreneurship by working on a real-world project directly with an Irish company. Learn firsthand about Ireland's history, business opportunities, economic challenges, and wonderful culture from practicing leaders. 
Window on China   

Window on China (Maymester)

China. The objective of the course is to introduce students to important historical, political, and economic perspectives on doing bu​siness in China today.


More than Just Beaches & the Olympics: Brazil (Maymester)

Brazil. Brazil is a well-known world leader in tourism, entertainment, and cultural influence. However, with a vibrant and growing economy, Brazil is more than just a hotspot for vacations and festivals.

College of Architecture & Planning

Urban Planning: Bodrum Peninsula      

Planning & Design Studio: Turkey (Summer)

Turkey. This intensive, 6 credit, multi-level studio examines the diverse effects and manifestations of tourism development in Bodrum, a peninsula in the southwest corner of Turkey along the Aegean Sea.

Urban Planning: Bodrum Peninsula     

The Architecture & Urban Context of Rome (Summer)

Italy. Rome offers an unmatched wealth of diversity in western architectural history. Consequently in its vibrant urban environment issues such as architectural design, preservation and adaptive reuse, planning, infrastructure and landscape may be studied.

International Urban Design Studio - Copenhagen​ (Summer)

Denmark. Urban Design Studio will expose students to the complexities and elegance of successful urban design in one of the most progressive parts of the world.

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Architecture in Other Cultures- Czech Republic & Poland​ (Summer)

Czech Republic & Poland. This International Workshop & Study Tour will focus on the “Resilient” Central European architectural and town planning traditions preserved and in existence at the beginning of WWII and the subsequent dramatic changes resulting from power, politics, war and religion.

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College of Arts & Media


The International Music Industry: Focus on London (Maymester)

England. The program aims to explore the history of influence and examine current practices in the British music industry and expose students to a culturally rich and different approach to music.


Japan: Design, Illustration and the Pursuit of Wabi-Sabi (Summer)

Japan. Explore design and illustration through the artful culture of Japan. Students activate their senses in media-rich Tokyo, navigate Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto, walk along the beaches of Tehama on the Inland Sea of Japan, and discover the temples, castles and gardens of Kanazawa.


Interdisciplinary Art in Ireland  (Summer)

Ireland. Students will develop new methods of art making while exploring and interpreting the relationship between place and the creative process. Experimentation is encouraged as students work at the varied sites, reflecting on cultural practice, landscape, human presence, and social structure of the region.

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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Field School Tanzania (Summer)

Tanazania. This intense field-based training and research course provides students the opportunity to participate in a hands-on four week learning experience that focuses on human origins and adaptability with a special emphasis in paleoanthropology and cultural anthropology.​



Italy - Managing Across Cultures (Maymester)

Italy. This course will familiarize you with theory and research methods in the areas of global communication, construction and negotiation of Italian national identity (italianità), cross-cultural awareness and a hands-on management with a global mindset.

Narratives of the New China: Engagement & Exploration    

Narratives of the New China: Engagement & Exploration (Maymester)

China. The purpose of this course is to provide students with first-hand experience in experiencing and analyzing the narratives China has constructed to present a transformed image ​of itself to the world, prompted by its hosting of the 2008 Olympics.

Nobel Cause: Peace and Justice in Guatemala                 

Nobel Cause: Peace and Justice in Guatemala (Maymester)

Guatemala. The University of Colorado Denver Communication Department and the PeaceJam Foundation have joined forces to offer UCD students the opportunity to participate in a service learning project in Guatemala working with the grass roots Foundation created by Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Tum.

Seoul Goes Global                                   

Korea Goes Global​ (Summer)

Korea. This program will explore one of the world’s largest, most dense, and most technically advanced cities. Students will encounter the challenges involved in transitioning from traditional life to becoming a global economic powerhouse. We will explore the dynamics of democratization movements in authoritarian countries, the challenges of rapid urbanization, and the tensions involved when globalization introduces “Western” dynamics into traditional cultures.


The Costa Rican Experience (Maymester)

Costa Rica. Students will analyze and then experience in the field how human societies and economies are complex s​ystems embedded within the natural environment, another complex adaptive system, on which they depend for support.​

 The Victorian Metropolis: London (Maymester)

England. In this course, students will use London to investigate the worlds of the Victorians: their habits, their class divisions, their politics, their work and leisure activities, their cultural productions


 Foundation & Innovation: Culture & Science in France (Maymester)

France. In this Maymester course, students will be immersed in France as a world leader in culture, food, wine, science and technology. Students will have the opportunity to delve into mult-faceted France through diverse experiences that both include and transcend the usual fare. ​


Leadership Through a Third Eye: Costa Rica  (Maymester)

Costa Rica. "Leadership Through a Third Eye" is an Ethnic Studies Course that will introduce students to both traditional and non-traditional leadership models.


Sustainable Development & Health in Bhutan  (Summer)

Bhutan. Students will engage directly with issues of sustainability and health in the Bhutanese highland region of Punakha. The course will use an integrated combination of classroom and field experience.

International Development in East Africa: Uganda & Rwanda​ (Maymester)

Uganda. This summer course in Uganda is designed for practitioners, public administrators, and policy analysts who are interested in addressing policy related to international development, public management, and public health practices

School of Nursing


Global Health Practicum - Nepal

Nepal. Expansion in global communication, travel and trade has increased the need for clinical and public health professionals who understand health issues that transcend national and continental borders.

School of Public Health

Intensive Study of Public Health Services in Cuba   

Intensive Study of Public Health Services in Cuba (Summer)

Cuba. Cuba is well known for implementing a health system that focuses on access to preventive and primary care services, use of data to guide resource allocation, and community-based interventions. Even though the economic situation in Cuba significantly influences the level of available health resources, health statistics provide evidence of the achievements of many health programs. Much can be learned about the provision of public health services by studying Cuba’s health system as well as their health work in other countries.​

School of Education & Human Development


Crossroads of Migration (Summer)

Mexico. Mexico holds a unique position as a country that both sends and receives migrants and refugees as well as serving as a site of massive transmigration.  In addition, thousands of people are repatriating to Mexico from the U.S., either voluntarily or as a result of deportation.  What compels this enormous human movement?


Spanish4Teachers Language Program: Costa Rica (Summer)

Costa Rica. The Spanish4Teachers language program provides teachers with intense, daily Spanish language instruction taught by experienced native Spanish speaking faculty from Intercultura Language School.​

School of Public Affairs

International Development in East Africa: Uganda & Rwanda​ (Maymester)

Uganda. ​This summer course in Uganda is designed for practitioners, public administrators, and policy analysts who are interested in addressing policy related to international development, public management, and public health practices.

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