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University of Colorado Denver

Study Abroad/Global Education

Maymester 2013

Study Abroad with CU Denver faculty this Maymester

Sustainability In Grenada, West Indies    

Sustainability In Grenada, West Indies

Representative of the West Indies in general, the tri-island nation of Grenada represents a unique learning environment for studying sustainability.

Narratives of the New China: Engagement & Exploration     

Narratives of the New China: Engagement & Exploration

The purpose of this course is to provide students with first-hand experience in experiencing and analyzing the narratives China has constructed to present a transformed image ​of itself to the world, prompted by its hosting of the 2008 Olympics.

Window on China           

Window on Ch​ina

The objective of the course is to introduce students to important historical, political, and economic perspectives on doing business in China today.


Italy - Managing Across Cultures

This course will familiarize you with theory and research methods in the areas of global communication, construction and negotiation of Italian national identity (italianità), cross-cultural awareness and a hands-on management with a global mindset.


The Costa Rican Experience

Students will analyze and then experience in the field how human societies and economies are complex systems embedded within the natural environment, another complex adaptive system, on which they depend for support.


Along the Yangtze

Along the transect, students will examine China’s legacy of foreign occupation, the emergence of new spaces of industrial development, the dynamics of urban growth, the modernization of agriculture and rural village life, and the refashioning of human-environmental relationships..

Nobel Cause: Peace and Justice in Guatemala                  

Nobel Cause: Peace and Justice in Guatemala

The University of Colorado Denver Communication Department and the PeaceJam Foundation have joined forces to offer UCD students the opportunity to participate in a service learning project in Guatemala working with the grass roots Foundation created by Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Tum.

From the Andes to the Pacific        

From the Andes to the Pacific: An Exploration of Business in Chile

​Chile is one of South America’s most economically developed countries, with a diversified free-market economy. The trip to Chile will involve a selection of visits to multinational and local Chilean businesses in industries including mining, agriculture, technology, energy, skiing, and soccer.

London Calling: Global and Sports Management      

London Calling: Global Sports & Entertainment Management

This course is designed to provide high level access to exciting global organizations in the sports and entertainment industry.


Leadership & Entrepreneurship in Ireland

This course provides the student with an overview of key leadership principles for creating strategy, managing teams, and explores international entrepreneurial opportunities.


The Engineering Business and Culture of the Environment in the East​

This is an exciting interdisciplinary course to introduce students to: 1) modern Chinese science and engineering practice; 2) how to do business in China related to these disciplines and 3) cultural and language survival skills while in China. 

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