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Staying Healthy and Safe While Abroad

How to stay healthy and safe during your time abroad.

Staying healthy while abroad

Many people are concerned about their health while traveling. There are many resources to help you take charge of your health while abroad. 

To check on what immunizations are recommended or required, visit the Center for Disease Control

The best way to stay healthy while abroad is to visit with health care professionals specializing in travel:

  • Seek advice from medical professionals, preferably those specializing in international travel. 
  • Do not recycle someone else’s left over medications from a previous visit.
  • Review the CDC site for the country(ies) you will visit.
  • Check with your US medical insurance provider, what will they cover?  Office visit?  Vaccinations?  Preventative medications (e.g. anti-malarials)? Which physicians/clinics do they work with? 
  • Make an appointment and indicate the countries you will visit.  Some vaccinations require special handling and must be ordered in advance, or multiple injections over a period of time.
  • Know (and report) your allergies.


Denver Travel Clinics

If you are concerned about health issues while abroad or traveling to a destination that requires vaccinations, special preventative medicines, Denver has a range of fine clinics. Your community health center may also be able to provide low-cost vaccinations. Family physicians may have adequate preparation for many destinations, but often do not have the expertise or medications for more exotic destinations beyond Europe.


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