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Study Abroad/Global Education

Medical Residents

The University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine (UCD SOM) Graduate Medical Education (GME) is committed to providing residents with an educational program that offers them a personal program of learning and broad education in the science and art of medicine.  Recognizing that some educational experiences are more valuable in a community of an international location, this policy is adopted concerning those experiences. As there must be full consideration of the quality of the rotation, including goals, objections and supervision; the educational necessity of the rotation; the accreditation implications; and the financial implications of the rotation, the following procedures must be followed.

Overview & Definition
Application Timeline

Early and timely applications and preparation is essential to a successful experience

9 months in prior to departure:

      1. Secure Program Director approval
      2. Determine whether or not the destination country is on the US State Department’s Warning List. (Click here) Travel to countries on the Warning list is suspended, but may be appealed.  If an appeal is necessary, initiate the appeal process by completing the Travel Appeal Form​. Submit questions about the appeal to Alana Jones: 
      3. Review the online Application for an International Residency Rotation here.
        Please review all theassociated documents before completing the Application.
      4. Begin processing the Institutional Letter of Agreement for International Residency Rotation with the overseas host and the Program Director.
      5. If the rotation will include human subjects research, secure COMIRB guidelines (Click here).
      6. Verify that your passport will be valid more than 6 months beyond the conclusion of the international rotation and your anticipated date of departure from the host country.  If not or it is close, get a new passport

6 months prior to departure:

      1. Complete the
        on-line Application for an International Residency Rotation (Click here).
      2. Submit a completed Institutional Letter of Agreement for International Residency Rotation in the on-line application.
      3. Initiate any visa requirements for the host country.  Please note that in many instances, the work Medical Residents do abroad will violate the provisions of a Tourist visa. Country specific visa information for US citizens may be found here.
      4. Obtain professional Travel Medicine Consultation for pre-travel vaccines, medications, and malaria prophylaxis (where appropriate).  Pre-travel consultations, vaccinations and prophylactic medications are not covered by the CU GME Health/Dental Benefits Plan and are therefore the responsibility of the resident.  The resident may elect to use any appropriate Travel Clinic.  We recommend checking the CDC website (Click here). For more country-specific information, but do not recommend self-treatment.  Two conveniently located services are Global Travel Health( and the Travel Health Clinic of the University Hospital located on the 7th Floor Outpatient Pavilion ( 720-848-0165, to schedule appointments.
      5. Your university malpractice insurance does not cover you during your international rotation.  Check with the international rotation site/agency to find out if they cover your malpractice insurance while you are on the rotation or if they have recommended coverage that you must purchase.  If necessary, purchase malpractice insurance for the duration of your rotation from an outside carrier as you would for external moonlighting. ​ 

One to Three Months Prior to Travel:

      1. Secure travel arrangements.
      2. Review the insurance and assistance information on the URM website International Travel link to determine whether additional insurance is indicated for your travel.
      3. Once travel arrangements have been made, register with International SOS (see I SOS card for information) and the US State Department:
      4. Contact the Office of Regulatory Compliance (Click here) to ensure compliance with any export control regulations prior to departure.

Immediately Prior to Departure:

      1. Notify Program Director of any Program Changes
      2. Recheck State Department Travel Advisories and Warnings and with International SOS
      3. Verify your emergency contact information in your on-line Application.
      4. Organize all personal contact information both abroad and domestic, and share with Program Director, family/spouse/friend, and overseas program director.
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