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What's in a name?

Why ICB students chose their English names...

Yiying Liu (Jasmine): “Tiying” means “completeness”. Because I was born in Mid-Autumn Festival, Yiying represents the special full moon on that day. Jasmine is a fresh and elegant flower. It represents a harmonious Chinese spirit.

High School Musical character, Ryan Evans. He is a really thoughtful guy, solving problems between him and his sister and helping his friends make their wishes come true. I want to learn from his personality and become a good communicator.

Haiyue Liu (Seamoon): My father gave me “Haiyue” as my given name because I was born near the sea on a moonlit night. My mother translated the meaning of my Chinese name and gave me “Seamoon” as my English name. It’s unique and beautiful. I love it very much.

Guanlong Qu (Tom): “Guan” in Chinese means “the best”; and “Long” means “dragon”. It is also the symbol of authority in ancient China. So, my parents want me to have a bright future.

Tom is a very simple name, and it’s easy to remember. But most of my professors like to call me with my family name, and their pronunciations are very interesting like Q or Cool. I like them to call me Cool best.

Siyu Cai (Jackie): “Si” means “thought”, and “Yu” means “the universe”. I’d like to become a person whose thinking can be as broad as the universe. Jackie Chen is a famous Chinese Kung Fu star. He has done lots of charity work all around the world. I admire him very much, so I use his English name.


International College Beijing Newsletter - Fall 2013


Congratulations to the ICB students who will graduate in December: Chen Shiyi, Min Fei, Sun Lichao, Tian Junfei, Wu Yue, Zheng yinzhu, Guo Donghu, Lu Xilin. Way to go, graduates!

Congratulations also go out to the seventeen ICB students who were honored as Academic Athletes: Chen An Qi, Chen Shiyi, Cheng He, Guo Shengjun, Huang Siqi, Huang Weijia, liang Xin, Lin Yuan Jing, Liu Haiyue, Tian Yiwei, Wang Xiaozhu, Wang Mengyuan, Wu Da, Xu Chen, Zheng Yinzhu, Zhou Yaning, Zou Siy. Great job!

Rao Siyuan is honored as the first recipient of the ICB Graduate Fellowship!Read More

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