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Why Berlin?

​For a wide range of reasons, Berlin is an ideal location for a program in Global Sustainability.  As the capital of Germany, Berlin is a dynamic location for student research and learning.  Berlin has rebuilt itself from the rubble of the Second World War to the ambitious optimism of a newly unified, peaceful Germany.  From a planning perspective, Berlin is a new city.  The city boasts work by every major contemporary architect.  In the post-unification, pre-9/11 period, embassies were built as exceptional examples of national design and ambition (an unimpeded by the walls and razor wire of the post 9/11 period).  

Through what is known as “critical reconstruction,” Berlin’s buildings tell their stories.  The Reichstag with its clear glass dome symbolizing open government, Daniel Libeskind’s hauntingly fractured Jewish Museum, etc. Berlin, with a population of 4 million is in an area proposed to accommodate 12 million people.  Berlin is a model for urban sustainability, divided city, transportation.  Due to the post war division of Berlin, water and sewage management, infiltration fields (trickling beds) city are not in the place where a city of its size should be.  According to EI Founder and CEO Andreas Kraemer, Berlin is a perfect place to ask:  What is the sustainability of a city?​

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