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Study Abroad/Global Education

Non-CU Denver Programs

Study Abroad Programs through Third Party Providers

Although our short-term Global Study programs and our Semester programs​ serve the needs of the vast majority of our students that go abroad, students are also able to study abroad through approved third-party providers. View the sections below to learn more.

 What is a Third-Party Provider?

A third-party provider is a company that facilitates study abroad programs through other universities for students. These providers offer programs all over the world, giving students many options when choosing how to globalize their education.

What is offered by each provider can vary greatly, but they generally have staff both in the United States and at your study abroad destination to assist you with all steps of the process.


 Why a Third-Party Provider and not a CU Denver Global Study program?

CU Denver Global Study programs are valuable, enriching experiences led by CU Denver faculty, but they may not meet the needs of every student. This is especially true for students that would like to study in a country where we do not currently have a program, or for students that wish to study for a semester or longer in a country other than China​ or Germany.


 How do I search for a Third-Party provider?

There are two websites that we suggest students use in their search: and

By using these search engines, you will be able to search by country, term, subject, or a combination of these criteria. Please be mindful that all programs must be approved by the Office of Global Education in order to receive academic credit.


 How do I decide between various providers?

With the many options and opportunities to study abroad, choosing a provider could possibly be overwhelming. When choosing a provider that aligns with your interest, consider the following:

  What are your academic & personal objectives?

  What kind of credit do you need? (Major, Minor, Core, etc.)

  Do you want to learn a language? Do you want to learn about a specific culture?

  What kind of living arrangements do you want? A homestay? A dorm with local students?

  How much does it cost? Do they have any scholarships?

  What is included in the cost?

 Visit What to look for in a Study Abroad Provider  for more information.


 How much will it cost?

The cost for programs offered by these providers will vary depending on location, length, and what is included. It is important to carefully review and compare what various providers include in their fees.

Program fees will be paid directly to your provider, and you will not pay CU Denver tuition. The Office of Global Education charges a $400 study abroad application fee. This administrative fee keeps you registered at CU Denver and is the only fee paid to the University when you are away.


 Can I use my financial aid?

Yes! The financial aid that students are awarded at CU Denver through FAFSA can be applied towards your study abroad program costs.

Please see our Funding section for more information.6

 Will I receive credit if I study abroad with a Third-Party provider?

Yes, you will receive credit for approved programs. How your credit is transferred back to CU Denver is decided by your academic advisors. Students complete our course approval form before they depart to determine whether or not courses will count towards their major, minor, core, or as electives.


 What about directly enrolling in a foreign institution? Is that a better option?

Direct enrollment can be the right choice for students in very specific situations. Many times students will consider this option because it appears to be a better value, but keep in mind what you will be responsible for if you do directly apply: finding housing in a foreign country, applying to classes at an institution you are unfamiliar with, securing a student visa, and all of this in a language that you may not speak.

When deciding whether or not to go with a provider, take a look at the cost of the program and what is included with the cost. Most students find that providers are worth the cost for the assistance and excursions they provide, and for the time saved not having to plan everything on their own.


 I found my dream provider! Can I apply?

Not so fast! Before you apply, confirm your choice with the Office of Global Education. In order for you to receive credit towards your degree at CU Denver, the foreign institution you attend must be accredited. Once we have approved your program, you will be all set to apply!


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