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Study Abroad/Global Education

What to look for in a Study Abroad Provider


Choosing between providers can be difficult. View the sections below for things you should be thinking about before you decide.​

Where do you want to study?
What are your objectives with studying abroad?
What are the language barriers?
What type of housing is available?
What is included in the price?

One consideration to be mindful of is that prices for third-party programs will vary among each other, even within the same city. When looking at the price of a program, you should consider what is included in the cost of a program.

Tuition at your institution is almost always included in the price. The difference between program costs may be due to the chosen institution of the program. 
In addition to tuition, here are some other components to look for in the program cost:
·         International Health Insurance
·         Housing (host-stay, campus, apartments, etc.)
·         Meals (how many per day, weekend, etc.)
·         Visa fees
·         Day-to-day costs (transportation fees, laundry, etc.)
·         On-site support
·         Excursions (where are the excursions, how many are included in the price, etc.)
·         Textbooks and materials
If any of these components are not included in the overall price, you should plan on paying for this on your own. Keep in mind that a cheaper program might mean that you are responsible for paying more for things on your own; however, this may not always be the case.
For more information about paying for your program, visit our Funding section.
Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources
If you are receiving financial aid at University of Colorado Denver, then whatever funding you are receiving for the given term that you are studying abroad can be applied towards your study abroad program cost. Qualifying financial aid that can be applied towards program costs are grants, scholarships, fellowships, and student loans. When researching programs, be contemplative about how to maximize your experience without breaking your budget. In addition to financial aid, there are many scholarships that are will help you fund your study abroad, and you can find scholarship information from our website.
More resources: or and
If you are interested in seeing what financial aid may be available to you, please contact Jennifer Helgeson at or 303-315-1850.
Course Credit and the Credit Transfer Process
The course credit transferred from an approved study abroad program can be applicable towards your degree program at the University of Colorado Denver. The initial step in the credit transferring process is to obtain a course approval form from the Office of Global Education. With this form, you will seek approval from your college advisor, major advisor, and/or minor advisor to determine exactly whether and how the courses/credits will apply to your degree. During this process, please provide them with all the information of your chosen program and course descriptions. We recommend that you get course approvals for at least three additional classes, because course schedules may change upon arrival.
Please stay in touch with the Study Abroad Office with any further questions or concerns about credits and the legitimacy of study abroad programs.
Now that you know what you want, how do you find it?
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