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International Student & Scholar Services

International Student & Scholar Services

Leaving UC Denver

International Scholar

Before you leave UC Denver, please inform your department administrator of your plans. 
Next, notify an international scholar advisor as well to your final employment date at UC Denver. 

For J-1 Scholars: 

If you leave earlier than your program end date, ISSS is required to shorten your program in SEVIS.  Your J-1 program will end as of your employment end date and then you will enter in to a 30-day grace period in which you have time to wrap up your affairs and exit the USA. Please note: You are not eligible to work during the grace period.

For H-1 Scholars: 

If you leave UC Denver before the end date on your I-797 approval notice, ISS is required to notify USCIS to withdraw your H-1B petition and to withdraw your LCA with the Department of Labor.  If you are unable to port your status to another employer before your last day of employment, H-1B regulations require you to leave the USA on or before the end date on your I-94 card, or on your last day of H-1B employment at UC Denver.  Unlike the J-1, there is no grace period for scholars in H-1B status.

For all Scholars:

When you exit the USA, be sure to submit your I-94 card at the airport.  Failure to do so may cause problems for future visits to the USA.  If you arrive home and realize that you forgot to turn in your I-94 card, please visit the CBP website click on “Find an Answer, Ask a Question”, then click on “How to record departure from the United States after the fact” for further guidance.

Keep all immigration documents (I-797 or DS-2019).  You may be asked to provide copies of these documents in the future if you return to the USA.

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