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Out-of-State Tuition

Discounted for Students in Online Courses

If you're considered a non-resident student and are living outside the state of Colorado, there's a financial advantage to taking all of your CU Denver courses online...

  • The discounted rate is 120% of ​the resi​dent rate for that course.

This amount is higher than the standard in-state tuition, but significantly lower than the non-resident tuition amount.

Tuition Discount for Non-Resident, Out of State Online Only

Here is the tuition, after the discount is applied, for students enrolled in the
following schools and colleges.

For tuition context, there's another​ Colorado institution that charges $42,000 per year for undergraduates.

UNDERGRADUATE (per credit hour)
Freshman & Sophomore*  $ 934.00  $  454.00  $ 378
($303 after COF)
Junior & Senior* $ 934.00  $  467.00 $ 389
($314 after COF)

GRADUATE (per credit hour)
Business School  $ 1,228.00  $ 607.00  $ 506.00
College of Arch. & Planning  $ 1,207.00  $ 524.00  $ 437.00
College of Arts and Media  $ 1,207.00  $ 530.00  $ 442.00
College of Engineering  $ 1234.00  $ 563.00     $ 469.00
College of Liberal Arts  $ 1,131.00  $ 434.00  $ 362.00
School of Education  $ 1,207.00  $ 427.00  $ 356.00
School of Public Affairs  $ 1,207.00  $ 605.00  $ 504.00



Students enrolled in only online courses will not be charged for campus-based fees, and are only responsible for the basic CU Denver fees. Schools and colleges may require a fee for instructional program support and there is a fee for enrolling in each online course.


The Regents of the University of Colorado approved this new rate for out-of-state Denver campus students that only take online courses.

You are eligible for this amount if you...

  • Live outside of Colorado
  • Take all of your CU Denver main campus courses online (not extended studies)

If you qualify for this rate, you must apply at the Registrar's office by completing this application and affidavit.


Some online classes are in CU Denver’s extended campus. The tuition rates of these classes will be set by the schools and programs offering these courses.

If you have questions or are unsure whether the course you are considering is in extended campus or in main campus (and may be eligible for a tuition discount), please contact your school/college program coordinator.

*Amount applies to 17 credits or less. If you take more than 17, your tuition will be slightly different. Please contact the Bursars Office for more details.


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