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Invest In Yourself

How Does an Education Stack Up

Sometimes it's hard to think of your education as an investment.

But it's been documented that over a lifetime, a Bachelor  degree recipient will earn a $1 million dollars more than someone with a high school diploma.  

And as you continue to pursue higher levels of education, your earning potential also continues to increase.  With a Doctorate degree, you could expect to earn, on average, $1.1 million more than the Bachelor's degree.  ​

At CU Denver for instance, in-state tuition and fees over four years would be about $31,000, BUT it has the potential to return a million dollars, which is a pretty good return on your investment (or about $960,000).

Earnings by College Major

The Hamilton Project researched salary based on college degrees

Comparison of three big decisions

How does the cost of a typical college diploma compare to other big decisions?

Here's a breakdown of averages for these three investment


Total college diploma = $36,556

  • Public in-state college: Average annual tuition and fees = $9,139
  • Over four years that’s $9,139 x 4 = $36,556


Total car ownership costs = $105,000

  • Average purchase price for new mid-size sedan = $25,000.
  • Average yearly ownership costs (insurance, taxes, license and registration, and gas) = $8,000
  • 10 yrs of $8,000 in ownership costs ($80,000) + purchase price ($25,000) = $105,000


Total purchase price = $275,000 (not accounting for taxes, maintenance​, HOA, etc.)

  • In early 2015, according to the US Census Bureau, the average cost of a new home was $341,000, with the median cost being right around $275,000.

Comparison of Big Decisions




Value of a Degree

Is a college degree worth it? The research shows a degree can make a pretty big difference (like a $1,000,000 difference). 

If you'd like to see how it stacks up to other investments, check out the free eBook...

Is Online Learning Right For You?

Thinking about taking an online course, but not sure how you'll do?

Take this short quiz to find out if you should try online, stick to on campus, or maybe a combination of the two.

How to Succeed in College

Do you want to know EVERYTHING that's needed to succeed in college? Like:
  • How to study more effectively
  • How to write "A" quality essays
  • How to win more scholarships
  • How to meet your future friends-for-life


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