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Accessing Your Courses


Where do I find my course name?

  • On your eCollege course homepage, you will see a section called "Course List".
    1. Under "Course List" you will see black bars with semesters listed as the headers as well as a header called "Special Courses".
    2. Look for the current semester term. If the term has started, your course will be directly under the semester term header.

      If the term has not started yet, you will need to click "+" next to the header containing your desired term to expand the course list under the upcoming term.
    3. Once you find the course name, click the course title to login to your course.

What if my current course is missing or I still just see old classes listed?

  • Please note that if you have just registered for a course in eCollege, you will have access to the course the following day.  If you do not see your course name listed on your eCollege homepage,  confirm your course registration in UCDAccess.  If you have been registered for more than a day, please contact CU Online.

What are merged courses?

  • Courses can be merged or stacked.  If you have a class in eCollege that you did not enroll in, but the instructor and title are the same as a course you have enrolled in, then you might be in a merged course.   Please contact CU Online and we can confirm the merger for you.

How do I access courses from prior semesters, and when will my new classes show up?

Courses will automatically be turned off in eCollege two weeks following the last day of the course. If you need access to materials in a prior course, please contact your instructor.

What if my name is wrong in eCollege?

  • Your name will be displayed at the top left of the page as "Welcome..." with your first name and then your last name. If you notice that your name is spelled incorrectly or your last name is first, please contact CU Online.

    Please note that you are not able to have your name changed to a nick name, but rather to your legal name registered with the university. If your name is incorrect with UC Denver, please contact the Registrar's office.

How do I contact my professor?

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