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Audio Issues


How do I troubleshoot for Adobe Connect?

    • Trouble with inconsistent audio: The latest Connect tutorial will help you configure your audio by decreasing the silence level and disabling the automatic gain control. View Tutorial
    • Connect add-in Installation Problem on Macs: Some users have experienced a Connect add-in installation problem using a Mac with Intel-based processors.

      Below are a few steps that have successfully aided in this issue...
      1. Quit Safari or Firefox.
      2. Locate the Safari or Firefox application in your Applications folder.
      3. Click to highlight and "Get Info" (apple-I).
      4. In the Info window that appears, check the "Open using Rosetta" option.
      5. Then close the Info window and launch Safari or Firefox.
    • Sharing a Mac Screen: In order to share the Mac screen a user must enable access for assistive devices. This is a checkbox on the Universal Access control panel in the system preferences. A little dialog box in Connect may direct you to it.
    • Mac Info: Here is some additional Mac info from Apple on Rosetta.
    • Fire Wall IssuesConnect listens on port 1935. In order Connect to work properly, ports 80 and 1935 must be opened for the Connect servers in the corporate firewall/proxy as well as the clients (Participants or Presenters).” Our version at UC Denver Downtown Campus would also require that port 8080 be opened on the user’s side. So every user must have the following ports open on their firewall: 8080, 80 and 1935 [read more]

My Audio levels seem to be fading in and out. How Can I fix this?

    • There could be several reasons for poor audio in Connect. We always recommend plugging in your computer directly into your Internet access point if possible as opposed to using a wireless connection. Most of the time a strong wireless connection will fare well with Connect but we have seen diminished audio and drop outs on occasion.

      We have also seen good results when decreasing the silence level in the advanced audio settings within Connect meeting. View the tutorial on how to optimize your audio settings.

When I view a Connect recording the audio, video and slide presentation becomes out of sync. Also I get choppy video. How can I fix this?

  • Poor performance can be the result of lower bandwidth or slow connection speed. It can result in any or all of the following:
    • delayed audio
    • audio that cuts out
    • audio that speeds up when bandwidth is restored
    • choppy video
    • disconnection from session
    If you are at home, make sure no other computers are using high bandwidth activities, such as streaming and or downloading large files. If you are using a dial up connection (56k) you may be limited to audio only.

    You may also try to view the Connect presentation on campus and see if you have any better results.

    If you are convinced you are not having a bandwidth issue, you may want to look at your system you are using to view Connect. Please check up on Connect system requirements.
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