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Hybrid and Supplemented

What’s a hybrid course?

  • A "hybrid" course utilizes the on campus facilities as well as the online platform. Basically this means that a portion of the instruction that would otherwise be conducted in an actual classroom/laboratory is substituted with instruction via the Web, CD-Rom, etc.

When does my hybrid course meet on campus?

  • Hybrid courses have varying campus meeting dates so it is necessary that you attend the first campus meeting to receive the schedule. If you miss the first campus meeting, the instructor should be contacted via email or telephone immediately.

What does supplemented course mean?

  • A supplemental course is an on campus course that has an online component, which takes some in class resources and makes them available online.

    These are considered 'supplemental' rather than hybrid because you still meet in class every day.

    Some of these supplemented areas include:
    • Announcements and assignments
    • Grades
    • Tests and quizzes
    • Threaded discussions and surveys
    • Groups and videos
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