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Accredited Online BA in Sociology at University of Colorado Denver- CU Online - Denver, CO


Why This Online Sociology Degree

What Makes This Bachelors Degree in Sociology Program Unique

This accredited online BA in Sociology program maintains a standard class size and fosters an opportunity for you to network (and meet peers), while giving you a chance to display your wit and cleverness in communications and interactions.

In addition, weekly tests and assignments ensure you stay on track (and never get too far behind), while you continue to enjoy the freedom of your own schedule.  Find out more here.

"What about after I graduate with Bachelors in Sociology?"

Sociologists study group life. So what jobs require an advanced study of group life? Literally hundreds. Specifically, you can excel in the following fields:

1.) Corporate, nonprofit, and government positions: HR Managers, Urban Planners and Criminologists
2.) The Public Sector: Political Scientists, Anthropologists and Psychologists

However, the largest outlet for sociologists is in academia, where you can work as a professor, teaching in colleges and universities, advising students, conducting research, and publishing work.

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