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Accredited Online BA in Sociology at University of Colorado Denver- CU Online - Denver, CO



Course Availablity Subject to Change


*Below are the available online Sociology courses for the Fall 2014 semester. This list is not comprehensive of all CU Denver Sociology courses, nor does it include all online Sociology courses. As the semester nears, these courses may reach capacity and be unavailable.

SOCY 1000 - Introduction to Sociology

An online survey course in which the main concepts that define the sociological perspective are presented, and a picture of society is provided by examining major social institutions and forms of social organization within society. GT: Course is approved by the Colorado Dept of Higher Education for statewide guaranteed transfer, GT-SS3

Max hours: 3 Credits.

SOCY 2462 - Introduction to Social Psychology

Studies the development and functioning of persons, especially within a group context, and the dynamics of small groups. Emphasis is on import of symbols for human behavior, development of self-concepts, and the processes of competition and cooperation in group dynamics. GT: Course is approved by the Colorado Dept of Higher Education for statewide guaranteed transfer, GT-SS3

Max hours: 3 Credits.

SOCY 3001 - Urban Sociology

The city and urban society are examined in terms of:

  • social structure
  • residential and institutional patterning
  • process of interaction
  • demographic processes
  • patterns of growth and change

Prereq: SOCY 1001 or permission of instructor. Cross-listed with ETST 3001.

Max hours: 3 Credits.

SOCY 3020 - Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.

A sociological examination of race and ethnicity in contemporary U.S. society. Includes a focus on the nature and causes of prejudice and discrimination.

Dominant-minority relations are examined, with an emphasis on current status of minority groups and issues. Prereq: Six hours of social science.

Max hours: 3 Credits.

SOCY 3040 - Drugs, Alcohol & Society

Explores our culture's relationship with drugs and alcohol from a sociological perspective, investigating all spheres of substance use:

  • recreational
  • medicinal
  • instrumental & religious

Examines our long turbulent history with these chemicals, and the ways in which they have shaped our society.

Max hours: 3 Credits.

SOCY 3050 - Sociology of Education

Topics covered include:

  • school socialization
  • A.D.D. diagnoses and drugs
  • special education
  • effects of standardized testing
  • race
  • ethnicity
  • gender
  • poverty in schools
  • public policies and funding
  • teacher burnout
  • student aspirations
  • secondary education
  • local issues in education

Max hours: 3 Credits.

SOCY 3121 - Statistics

Quantitative techniques used in analyzing social phenomena. Prereq: MATH 1070 or permission of the instructor.

Max hours: 4 Credits.

SOCY 3160 - Contemporary Sociological Theory

The explication of various conceptual approaches to the problems of social order, societal functioning and integration, social conflict, and social structural change by the examination of the work of contemporary theorists. Prereq: SOCY 3150 or permission of the instructor.

SOCY 3700 - Sociology of the Family

The family as a social institution. Historical development and contemporary cross-cultural analysis, with emphasis on the contemporary American family. Cross-listed with WGST 3700.

Max hours: 3 Credits.

SOCY 3710 - Sociology of Global Issues

Social issues such as race relations, social inequality, urbanization, family dynamics and global competition are examined using different theoretical perspectives.

Existing policies are used to study "private troubles" and "public issues" and the relationships among global, national and local levels.

Prereq: SOCY 1001 or undergraduate advisor's permission.

Max hours: 3 Credits.

SOCY 4340 - Juvenile Delinquency


Factors involved in delinquent behavior. Problems of adjustment of delinquents, and factors in treatment and post-treatment adjustment. Prereq: 6 hours of sociology or criminal justice or permission of the instructor.

Max hours: 3 Credits.​​​​

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