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CU Denver Online Bachelors Degrees

Get the College Experience While Graduating with Online Courses


Since these undergrad programs are the same online as they are on campus, they have the same requirements as well as the same reputation.

Click on each link to find out more about a particular program, and then simply click the 'back' button to get back to this page.



The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) ranks as the University of Colorado Denver's largest school on the Downtown Denver campus.


Online Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree

This online BA in Communication degree develops knowledge and skills that are required for many different fields, including advertising, business, international relations, education, public service, government and politics, health care, and public relations. Earning a degree in communication equips you with the interpersonal, written, and verbal skills employers rank as their most desired qualities. This online BA in Communication degree merges world-class intellectual learning with hands-on, community-based, experiential learning, thus providing our students the skills needed to become engaged citizens and effective employees working toward a more civil and humane world.

Online Bachelor of Arts in English Writing degree

This online program will prepare you to think critically, read carefully, solve problems creatively, and write with clarity, grace and power. These are exactly the qualities needed to succeed as a writer when faced with diverse writing challenges in a variety of professional settings or in graduate school. You can choose from courses including business writing, multimedia writing, literary journalism, rhetorical analysis and creative writing as well as a wide range of writing intensive course from across campus.


*NEW* Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree


If there was one universal degree, it would be psychology. Getting your undergraduate degree in psychology can prepare you for almost any job you can imagine...

Online Bachelor of Arts in Sociology degree

The study of group life. Which basically covers –well, everything. In your online courses, you’ll study class relations, gender, race, family and childhood, and everything else about human social activity and interactions.


*BRAND NEW* Online Minor in Anthropology


In an era of globalization, differences among people are more important than ever. An understanding of human differences past and present turns any degree into an international or culturally aware degree. Now you can take your courses online while you gain invaluable knowledge that can be applied to any career path you decid to take.


*BRAND NEW* Online Minor in Ethnic Studies


The online Ethnic Studies minor is designed to help you in any career field that requies a sophisticated and broad understanding of ethnicity and its role in contemporary American society. It provides you with the theories and concepts needed to comprehend and interpret relations between and among ethnic groups in the U.S. You also study the intersections of ethnicity in regards to structures of political, gender, economic, and cultural power.


 Online Minor in Political Science

Politics is more encompassing than just what C-SPAN shows in Washington. It can have a role in how our towns function, our taxes, and even our future economic outlook. In your political science courses, you'll not only be informed about politics on a micro and macro level, but you'll also be provided an opportunity to develop your own analytical skills.



 Hybrid Integrative Biology Core Curriculum

If you would like to have any sort of career in the health profession, then you'll need biology. And this hybrid core curriculum offers the same cutting edge training and knowledge from the internationally recognized faculty who teach on campus, but you'll also get the freedom that comes with an online delivery.


College of Nursing

The College of Nursing has earned its respected reputation with over 110 years of contributions to nursing education, practice and research.


Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing, RN to BS degree

This online program is based on the Colorado Nursing Articulation Model, and is an educational pathway available for registered nurses who desire career mobility and professional development.

School of Public Affairs

The School of Public Affairs is ranked 29th out of 277 NASPAA accredited schools by US News and World Reports.


Online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree

The University of Colorado Denver's Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree will help develop your critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills while also providing you with opportunities to intern, research, and develop a practical skill set for a successful career in the field.


*Coming Soon* Online Bachelor of Arts in Public Service



The College of Arts and Media is the first college in Colorado devoted exclusively to arts and entertainment.


*Coming Soon* Online Bachelor of Arts in 3D Production, Business and Entrepreneurship

*Coming Soon* Online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Experience Design


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