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Online Benefits

Advantages of Online Education

The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus offers online courses (and ultimately full degrees) outside the confines of the classroom (and the rigid schedule), allowing you greater flexibility to balance work, school, home, and travel.

Students who have taken online courses provide the insight that their online courses provide a better way to learn than traditional courses:

1.) Flexibility: You can "attend" a course at any time, from anywhere. Among other things, this means you can attend classes regardless of your work schedule, you can spend quality time with your family, and if you travel (for business or pleasure) you can attend class from anywhere in the world that has internet access.

2.) Learning: Online learning enables you to choose how you prefer to be taught. Everyone has their own way of learning that works best for them. Some learn visually, while others do better when they "learn by doing."

3.) Communication: Online education actually lends itself to more communication. You and your peers are freed from the confines of the classroom, which means if you tend to think of questions after class or debate whether you want to ask a question in front of the whole class, you can now contact your instructor and your peers with confidence. And you'll actually find there is more in-depth and honest discussions in the anonymity of the electronic forums provided.

4.) Confidence: Online courses help foster responsibility and a sense of accomplishment as you take the reins on your education.

5.) Individualized: Through online courses, you'll be able to learn concepts and theories in your own way. Whether you're a visual learner and need to read the information, or whether you're an auditory learner and prefer to listen to it, you decide. Online courses also provide an opportunity to learn at your own pace… and take notes at your own pace as well – you can always rewind an important point.

6.) Networking Opportunities: You can easily contact faculty, fellow students, and graduates of your program allowing for limitless network opportunities.

7.) Response: Professors often are more engaged and responsive online because this is a relatively new medium for them too.

In Addition

Among the other benefits of taking your course online, you can also do the following ‘typical’ course related tasks all online as well:

  • Buying textbooks
  • Finding and receiving tutoring
  • Checking out library resources
  • Receiving advisor assistance
  • Conducting financial and registration tasks

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