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Tuition and Finances

Cost (and Savings) of Attendance

Financial aid and scholarships are available to admitted students to help fund your education at the College of Nursing. The mission of the University of Colorado College of Nursing scholarship program is to recognize students with exceptional potential who are committed to careers in nursing.

Tuition and fees at the university have been established by the Board of Regents, the governing body of the University of Colorado, and is subject to change any time.

Tuition Rates - 2013-2014 Academic Year

    Program Tuition (per credit hour)

Status: Non Resident


Nursing MS and DNP Programs:   



Nursing PhD:



Status: Resident


Nursing MS and DNP Programs:



Nursing PhD:


Cost (and Savings) of Attendance

The CU Denver Financial Services offers more than $70 million in financial assistance to qualified students on the downtown Denver campus each year (divided amongst 12,000+ students).

Here is the non-resident tuition amount for each school and college.

UNDERGRADUATE (per credit hour) GRADUATE (per credit hour)
Business School: $500 Business School: $650
College of Arts and Media: $511 College of Arch. & Planning: $460
College of Engineering: $522 College of Arts and Media: $850
College of Liberal Arts: $448 College of Engineering: $522
School of Public Affairs: $357 College of Liberal Arts: $469
  School of Education: $349
  School of Public Affairs (MPA): $567
  School of Public Affairs (MCJ): $520


How Do You Qualify

You are eligible for this amount if you...

  • Live outside of Colorado
  • Take all of your CU Denver courses online

This amount is higher than the standard in-state tuition, but significantly lower than the non-resident tuition amount.  

Changes If You're An Undergraduate Student

Beginning in Spring 2012, the way CU Denver charges tuition will change for certain out-of-state students in online classes.


* Returning Students Click Here For More Information

* Prospective/New Students Click Here For More Information

* Automatic Application Click Here

If you have questions, contact your school/college program coordinator.




Tuition and fees at the university have been established by the Board of Regents, the governing body of the University of Colorado, and is subject to change any time.

Tuition Rates - 2012-2013 Academic Year

Program Resident Tuition Non-Resident Tuition
Nursing BS** $340 per credit hour $819 per credit hour
Nursing RN to BS Program** $340 per credit hour $475 per credit hour
Nursing MS and DNP Programs $490 per credit hour $990 per credit hour
Nursing PhD $465 per credit hour $990 per credit hour

** NOTE: The Resident Undergraduate Rates above represent the student’s share of tuition, after the $62 per credit hour College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend has been applied for eligible students. Non-Resident students are not eligible for the COF stipend.

Tuition for Courses Taken for No Credit

Tuition for courses taken for no credit (NC) is the same as for courses taken for credit.

Fractional Credit

Fractional credit is regarded as 1 hour in assessing tuition and fee charges.


College Fees

College of Nursing Fees 2012-2013 Rates Comments
Per Term Per Year
Technology Fee: Technology Fee - This fee covers costs associated with computer assistance and support.
Undergraduate and Graduate $10.00  
Clinical Learning Lab Courses*: These fees cover lab supervision and instructional supplies 
NURS 3001 $175.00  
NURS 3002 $175.00  
Clinical Advanced Practicum Courses*: Clinical Advanced Practicum Courses - This fee covers the cost of clinical supervision by preceptors in off-campus clinical settings.
NURS 6750-6759 $200.00  
Advanced Assessment Lab Courses*: Advanced Assessment Lab Courses - This fee covers lab supervision and instructional supplies.
NURS 6761 $450.00  
Program Fees**: Program Fees - The Undergraduate Program Fee supports the Clinical Education Center's activities, which include hands-on practice opportunities and simulated patient care scenarios. The Masters Program Fee supports supervised clinical practice experience and use of standardized patients for development of advanced skills in diagnosis and assessment.
Undergraduate Program Fee (one-time fee for incoming students)** $350.00
Masters Program Fee (one-time fee for incoming students)** $1,250.00
Distance Education Courses: Distance Education Courses - Course fees cover the costs related to designing, implementing, and supporting online courses.
On-Line Courses $100.00  
Blended-Classroom & Online Courses $50.00  
* NOTE: The Clinical Learning Lab, Clinical Advanced Practicum, and Advanced Assessment Lab course fees only apply to students whose first semester of enrollment with the College of Nursing was prior to the Fall 2011 semester.
** NOTE: The Undergraduate and Masters Program Fees only apply to students whose first semester of enrollment with the College of Nursing is Fall 2011 or beyond.

Campuswide Fees

Campus Wide Fees 2012-2013 Rates Per Year Comments
Per Term
Activity Fee   $20.00 Activity Fee - This fee is used to support the activities of the Student Senate and the student's home school student governance organization.
* Health Insurance Fees (12 months of coverage):

Health Insurance Fee - This fee pays for a comprehensive insurance plan covering student injury and illness. It is mandatory for any student taking at least 5 credit hours in a term. Students carrying their own insurance may request that this fee be waived.


Health Insurance Plan   $3,460.00
Option: High Deductible Insurance Plan   $2,688.00

Dental Plan (voluntary)



Academic Support Services Fee $75.00   Academic Support Services Fee - Supports the library (67%), the registrar's office (26%), and educational support services (7%), to cover costs associated with instructional and other academic services. This fee was approved by students in spring 2005.
AMC RTD College Pass Program(Click here for waiver information.) $48.35   AMC RTD College Pass Program - This student activity fee, approved by a student election in fall 2008, is required of all degree-seeking students at the Anschutz Medical Campus. It supports the RTD College Pass Program and covers contractual payments due to RTD and the cost of providing term decals and student badges.

* Health Insurance is mandatory and all degree students enrolled in at least 5 credit hours will be billed for coverage with the Anschutz Medical Campus health plan. A student may waive health insurance if the student's comparable private plan meets waiver requirements. Contact Student Health Services for more information.


Other Charges

Charge Description 2012-2013 Rates
Amount Frequency
Revenues from this fee are used to provide registration and records services (including transcripts) to students and alumni. The fee also covers the cost of student ID badges.
$140.00 One-time
Deferred Payment Plan Charge
Students who choose to take advantage of the Deferred Payment Plan are subject to a $35 charge for electing this option.
$35.00 Each semester when signing up for the payment plan
Service Charge
Students who do not pay their University bill by the payment due date indicated on their electronic billing statement (e-bill) are subject to a service charge each month on the past due portion of their account balance.
1.75% of past due balance Monthly
Returned Check Charge
Students who submit invalid bank items (checks, e-checks, etc.) to CU Denver are subject to a returned check charge. This includes but is not limited to items returned for insufficient funds, stopped payments, and invalid account numbers.
$20.00 Each time a bank item is returned.
Late Registration Penalty
A late registration penalty will be charged to students who are authorized to register after their regular registration period (this includes Candidate for Degree and Doctoral Thesis registrations). The registration penalty is separate and distinct from any penalty that may be assessed for late payment of tuition and fees.
$60.00 Each semester that a student registers for courses after their regular registration period.









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