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Accredited Online BA Degree in Communication at University of Colorado Denver- CU Online - Denver, CO

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BA in Communication

Communication is one of the most sought-after skills of the twenty-first century. It shapes our world. Especially with our new information society and the importance it places on effective speaking, writing and listening, knowledge of communication is essential.

Much of our success in life (both professionally and personally) is based on how well we can communicate in order to inform, persuade, and connect with others.

A BA degree in Communication from CU Denver develops knowledge and skills that are required for many different fields, including:

  • Advertising and public relations
  • Business
  • International relations
  • Education
  • Public service, government and politics
  • Healthcare

Online BA in Communications Degree Requirements

To graduate with your undergraduate Communication degree, you will need 13 courses (39 credit hours of communication courses), and at least 21 of the 39 hours must be in upper division courses.

  • Four required core courses, 12 credits: COMM 1001, COMM 1011, COMM 1021, COMM 2020
  • Eight courses from Pathway Areas (24 credits)
  • One exit course (3 credits)

​​​​​​​​​​Upon graduating with a Communications major, you will have an enriched understanding of the roles of communication in everyday life, organizational settings, and public affairs.

While the roots of the study of communication trace back to the ancient arts of philosophy, rhetoric, and aesthetics, its contemporary practices speak to the opportunities and dilemmas of participating in a globalized, mediated, and multicultural society.

Internships for Online Students

The online Internship course provides you with an opportunity to earn academic credit while working in a professional setting in a communication field. This course is designed to assist you in applying your accumulated communication knowledge and skills, in gaining practical, curriculum-related experience, and in preparing you to excel in professional, real-world settings.

This course provides an opportunity for you to gain valuable insights into your chosen field through hands-on experience that will help you integrate communication theory and practice.

The primary objective of this course is to assist you in integrating your knowledge of communication concepts, principles, and practices with hands-on experience in a professional environment. By the end of this course, you should also develop materials for a professional portfolio, create a portfolio, critically asses your knowledge and skills, and be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses in relationship to your internship performance.

Jobs For A Communications Major

What can you do with a communications degree? Numerous studies have shown that today's employers seek skills in verbal and written communication, teamwork, and technology — three of the key components of our online Communication curriculum, which means you'll be prepared for careers in communications as well as a myriad of other professions.

What Communication Students Think

Natasha Rupert, BA, Communication

“Going back to school for me was a very difficult task, and I needed the majority of my learning to be online. That is why I choose Communication with the University of Colorado Denver. I was really excited to learn that I could take online classes and mix in a few on-campus classes to fit the needs of my busy life, as well as learn about something I was actually interested in! The online Canvas classroom has been a breeze to work through and has really helped me achieve my goal of earning my college degree. With even more classes for Communication coming online, the whole process has been amazing and the teachers whom I have taken classes with have been fantastic!” –Natasha


-Amber Kairalla, BA, Communication

​“I'm absolutely obsessed with online learning. I plan on completing my entire senior year online and am actually considering doing the entirety of next semester online.” - Amber

–Emmaleigh Darnell, BA, Communication

​“I am a senior graduating this fall. Being a non-traditional student, I am forced to take courses while still working to support myself. I cannot always be enrolled in classes because of the times they are offered. Having online courses gives me the flexibility of creating an education experience that I am in control of. I have learned time management skills, attention to detail and ultimately that I am responsible for my education. I believe online courses are a great offering for the University of Colorado Denver.” -Emmaleigh

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