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Accredited Online BA Degree in Criminal Justice at University of Colorado Denver- CU Online - Denver, CO


Fall 2014 Online Criminal Justice Courses

Course Availability Subject to Change

*Below are the available online Criminal Justice courses for the Fall 2014 semester. This list is not comprehensive of all CU Denver criminal justice courses, nor does it include all online criminal justice courses. As the semester nears, these courses may reach capacity and be unavailable.

CRJU 1000 - Introduction to Criminal Justice

This online intro course is designed to provide an overview of the criminal justice process and the criminal justice system in general. Concepts of crime, deviance and justice are discussed and general theories of crime causality are examined.

Special emphasis is placed on the components of the criminal justice system:

  • The police​
  • The prosecutorial and defense functions
  • The judiciary and the field of corrections

Max hours: 3 Credits.

CRJU 2041 - Crime Theory and Causes

This online theory course provides a general survey of the nature and causes of crime and efforts of the criminal justice system to predict, prevent, modify and correct this behavior.

This course involves a critical appraisal of various theories of crime causation, including an examination of perspectives that explain crime and deviance.

  • Biological
  • Psychological
  • Economic and
  • Sociological

Max hours: 3 Credits.

CRJU 3150 - Statistics for Criminal Justice

This online stats course serves as an introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics and the computer analysis of criminal justice data. Course content includes hypothesis testing and the basic analysis of continuous and discrete dependent variables.

Emphasis is placed on the examination of issues in the field of criminal justice. Prereq: CRJU 3100 or permission of instructor.

Max hours: 3 Credits.

CRJU 3410 - Probation and Parole

This online course is appropriate for students who have a specific interest in the role of probation and parole as correctional sanctions in community settings.

Particular attention is paid to evaluations research evidence on the success of probation and parole, factors that contribute to the successful completions of probation and parole and the role that the community and citizens play in the community corrections process.

Max hours: 3 Credits.

CRJU 4042 - Corrections

This online course consists of an overview of the field of penology and corrections.

Attention is paid to conflicting philosophies of punishment, criminological theory as it applies to the field of corrections, the selectivity of the process through which offenders move prior to their involvement in correctional programs, alternative correctional placements and empirical assessments of the short and long-term consequences of one's involvement in correctional programs.

Max hours: 3 Credits.

CRJU 4600 - Special Topics in Criminal Justice

This highly specialized seminar addresses cutting-edge and emerging developments in the field of criminal justice and provides students and faculty with the opportunity to explore significant themes, issues and problems from a broad interdisciplinary perspective. Topics vary from semester to semester. Prereq: CRJU 1001 and CRJU 2041 or permission of instructor.

Max hours: 18 Credits.

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