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Distance Learning Success:

Ronnie Lee - Bachelors in Information Systems

What Program Are You Studying?​

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems (eventually a Master's!)

First Experience with Online Classes?

No. Although this past Spring semester was the first time taking an online class at CU, I did take an online class at CCD.

Why CU Denver?

My mother really likes the city of Denver and she didn't want me to be on my own just yet.

Biggest Educational Triumph?

My biggest educational triumph was surviving my very first semester here at CU. At the time, I pursued a degree in Computer Science without knowing a single thing about coding in C++, so getting good grades in all of my intro classes convinced me that I can actually keep up with the material I was learning.

Where are some of the locations that you have been while participating in classes?

While participating in classes at CU, I definitely took advantage of all of the resources provided on campus. I have spent most of my time in the library and the computer labs studying with classmates and friends. I also took the time to visit a few of my other friends up in Boulder when I was stuck on programming projects or when I just wanted to relieve myself of the stress built up by work and school.

What barriers have you had to face?

Definitely paying for school - my mom and I were drained of funds due to the move from Hawaii to Colorado, so I have had to endure working 40 hour weeks while maintaining full-time status at CU.

What stands out about your experiences?

The one thing that stood out in my experience with CUOnline was the instructor of the online class. He was very helpful when I was struggling with certain programming concepts and he always went into further detail of the concepts that I already had a decent knowledge of.

Career success stories?

Because of the CU degree that I am pursuing, I managed to earn a position working as a student lab adviser for the general computer labs at CU. Since it is summer, I have also started developing a dedicated staff page for the computer labs that will be published onto the CU website (hopefully by the end of summer!) with two of my coworkers.


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