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latin 1010

Elementary Latin


Why Latin

Latin has influenced many of today's modern languages, and continues to be widely employed in such fields as science, academia and law.

The Benefits of Latin

By understanding Latin, you'll be able to decipher and learn other languages quickly.

The study of Latin can help build a bridge between the rote learning of verbs and nouns, and the deeper meaning and history of many Western languages.


Hybrid Elementary Latin I (LATN 1010)

  • Introduction to the grammar, syntax and vocabulary of Classical Latin, with an emphasis on preparing students to read Latin while improving English grammar, vocabulary skills and forming a solid base for a path in biology.
  • Two semesters of Latin may be used to fulfill the CLAS language competency requirement.
  • No prerequisites.
  • Enrollment is limited to students with language proficiency lower than level of class.
  • Five credit hours.

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