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ETST 2000 - E01

Intro to Ethnic Studies (Online Course)

Why Ethnic Studies

Nearly all careers in America will be made up of individuals from diverse ethnic and migration backgrounds with different languages, traditions, religions and cultures.

Studying ethic studies at CU Denver will help hone your interpersonal skills and will prepare you to work successfully with diverse coworkers and clientele and communicate clearly and effectively.

Online Intro to Ethnic Studies (ETST 2000)

This online course is a multi-disciplinary survey of contemporary and historical research analyses of the diverse social, economic, political, and cultural facets of African American, American Indian, Asian American, and Latino communities and cultures.

  • Core social science credit
  • Max hours: 3 Credits.
  • GT: Course is approved by the Colorado Dept of Higher Education for statewide guaranteed transfer, GT-SS3.
  • Register for this course while there are still seats available.

    Careers in Ethnic Studies

    Graduates of the program are in high demand in the competitive current job market for the skills and knowledge they learned.

    Many of the career opportunities with government agencies and non-profit organizations are in administration and human services.

    Ethnic Studies students are well prepared for careers in:

    • law
    • education
    • business
    • human services
    • community development and planning
    • public health
    • politics and government
    • advanced graduate studies


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