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Besides just a degree, what separates one school from the next?

The faculty.

A school's reputation for success hinges on its faculty. That's doubly true when you talk about distance education, where there's often no accreditation or stringent vetting process.

"I Teach Online" Video Series

So we created this video series to help you get a sense of the unique and talented CU Denver professors who teach online - and what makes them awesome.

Dr. David Thomas

What makes David awesome? He studies and teaches all things 'fun'. Seriously.

Professor Storm Gloor

What makes Storm awesome? He helped discover Nora Jones, he's played on stage with Sting and he's more than half-way through his bucket list.

Professor Arlen Meyers

What makes Arlen awesome? He is both a successful ear nose and throat surgeon (otolaryngologist) AND is a top business leader (with his MBA).

Professor Blair Gifford

What makes Blair awesome? After the 2010 earthquake hit Haiti, Blair was able to put his health care and business experience to work, and he's personally responsible for helping build a new maternity center in Leogane (along with his CU Denver students).

Professor Callie Rennison

What makes Callie awesome? Besides her rocking climbing skills? Callie has worked with Congress, she's an expert in the criminal stats field, and she has infectiously positive attitude about life.

Dr. Caron Westland

What makes Caron awesome? Caron is dedicated to helping fellow teachers be all they can be. Like the army. Sort of. But with warmth and nurturing compassion she inspires a new generation of teachers.


Continue on and read more about Caron's teaching philosophy​.

Same On Campus Faculty

Your CU Denver online courses are taught by the same respected professors who teach on campus. So you're always learning from actual teachers, which means you'll graduate with the knowledge and information you'll need to achieve your academic and career goals.

Check out the list of full online degrees that these professors are a part of. ​​​​​​​​​​​

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