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Becoming a CU Online student is easy

Deciding on what university fits you the best, is a big decision, but CU Denver’s CU Online is here to help.

With over 450 online courses, 24 online and hybrid accredited degrees and 15 certificates, you can receive a valued brick and mortar education without stepping foot on campus - if you want... 

At CU Denver, you can mix and match online and on campus courses to maximize both your lifestyle and learning style.

We understand you may have questions, so let us try to answer some of them for you (this would be an FAQ section):

What options are available?
What is CU Online?
What is online leaning?
Would I like online?
Will my online degree lead to a good career?
What are courses like?
What are the instructors like?
What is it like to be a CU Denver Student?

If I were to become a student, how would I…
Get my transcripts evaluated?
Can I get a financial aid profile?
How long will my academic career take?
How much will it cost?
What courses will transfer?

How do I enroll?

New section – Academic Technologies to assist your student career:

Here at CU Online, we have implemented some key technologies and services to help you on your journey as a CU Denver students.

Tutoring (insert info about tutoring)
Zoom (insert blurb about Zoom)
Qualtrics (insert blurb about Qualtrics)
Technical Support (insert blurb about support)

New section – Tell Us Who You are:

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please contact us, so we can better assist you!
Insert contact form



Value of a Degree

Is a college degree worth it? The research shows a degree can make a pretty big difference (like a $1,000,000 difference). 

If you'd like to see how it stacks up to other investments, check out the free eBook...

Is Online Learning Right For You?

Thinking about taking an online course, but not sure how you'll do?

Take this short quiz to find out if you should try online, stick to on campus, or maybe a combination of the two.

How to Succeed in College

Do you want to know EVERYTHING that's needed to succeed in college? Like:
  • How to study more effectively
  • How to write "A" quality essays
  • How to win more scholarships
  • How to meet your future friends-for-life

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