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Canvas Overview


Canvas is one of the newer entrants into the Learning Management System (LMS) market, and it has caught the attention of many higher-ed institutions for its ease of use, clean design, and open architecture allowing it to integrate with other learning tools. Read below about some of the main features as well as what other institutions are saying about Canvas.

Benefits of Canvas

Faculty recommended

An LMS selection committee comprised of faculty and staff recommended Canvas after a review of the LMS market.

Consolidated login

In step with the LMS upgrade, CU Online will be working to allow students and faculty to access the LMS using their email password and username.

State-of-the art communication system

Students and faculty can communicate in and out of Canvas via Email, SMS Texts, Facebook, or Twitter. Students stay up to to date on course work. Faculty more easily connect with their students.

Improved grading and feedback

Canvas SpeedGrader allows faculty to spend less time on grading minutia and more on providing detailed feedback.

Native multimedia commenting

Discussions come alive with audio and video posts in addition to text. Instructors can leave comments when grading assignments using their webcam and microphone.

Integration with 3rd party tools

Sometimes the best tool isn’t built-into the system. With Canvas many Web 2.0 tools such as Google Docs, Quizlet, or Slideshare can be seamlessly integrated into your course.

Streamlined Service

Focusing support on one LMS for supplemental, hybrid and online courses on both campuses allows CU Online to extend the range of its support. Also, a single platform makes it easier for academic programs to train their instructors, regardless of course type.

Mobile apps

Use your smartphone or iPad to participate in discussions and view course content. Use the SpeedGrader iPad app as an instructor to speed up routine grading.​​​​​​​​

What others are saying

Higher-Ed Institutions

  • Michigan Tech: "The vast majority of students were very positive, even enthusiastic, about Canvas."
  • Lower Columbia College: "Intuitive, easy to navigate, visually appealing, well-organized, and user friendly. Navigation is easy to read and consistent."
  • University of Central Florida: "Following a six-month evaluation process in which faculty, students and staff exhaustively reviewed three alternative learning management systems, the overwhelming recommendation was Canvas from Instructure."
  • University of Washington: "Canvas facilitated faculty experimentation, leading to innovation in their teaching."
  • Auburn University: "The simple drag and drop from your desktop into the file menu structure of Canvas is light-years ahead of others. Several faculty from my area have pointed out organizing and reorganizing is no longer complex and cumbersome like it was in the past."
  • Bowling Green State University: "The technical team recommended Canvas as the better platform for security, system support and infrastructure."
  • New Mexico State University: "Feedback from participants noted the intuitive interface of Canvas and its superior ease of use features including speed grading, deployment of multimedia, and the integration of social media tools."
  • OCAD U: "Great course management and organization tools including a calendar that integrates and displays due dates and academic activities for students."

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