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The CU Online Handbook, 2011

The CU Online Handbook, 2011
Edited by

Patrick R. Lowenthal
David Thomas
Anna Thai
Brian Yuhnke
Michael Edwards
Crystal Gasell

View and download The CU Online Handbook, 2011

The CU Online Handbook, 2011

You can also view and download individual chapters below:

Patrick R. Lowenthal

Part 1: Trends and Issues with Online Learning
Chapter 1: Creating Standards for Online Courses
Kathleen L. Pounders

Chapte 2: You Can Do it in your Jammies, and Other Things We Should Never Say About Learning Online
Patrick R. Lowenthal & Joanna C. Dunlap

Chapter 3: The Power of Visuals and Hands-On Play with Online Learning
Elizabeth C. Conner

Chapter 4: Embracing the shift: Edupunk, Teaching Naked, Social Media and making it all work in the classroom
Howard Cook

Chapter 5: Death to the digital dropbox: Rethinking Student Privacy and Public Performance
Patrick R. Lowenthal & David Thomas

Chapter 6: Effectively Organizing Student Work Groups in an Online Learning Environment
Jeffrey R. Nystrom

Chapter 7: Evolution and Transformation: From Physical to Virtual Classroom, from Teaching to Learning
Rodney Muth

Chapter 8: Remember the Importance of the Human Touch
Kelly Bergman

Chapter 9: Jazzed about Jing
Margarita Bianco & Dan McCollom

Chapter 10: Getting to Know You: The First Week of Class and Beyond
Joanna C. Dunlap & Patrick R. Lowenthal

Part 2: Technology in Action
Chapter 11: What‘s Your Story? Using Digital Storytelling to Enhance 21st Century Skills
Sherri Clemens & Melissa Kreider

Chapter 12: Telling Stories and Teachable Moments: The Possibility of Adobe Connect
Barbara J. Dray

Chapter 13: Critical and Creative Thinking: Embrace Xtranormal
Stephanie Townsend

Chapter 14: Experimenting with Google Docs for Group Projects
Storm Gloor

Chapter 15: Horton Hears a Tweet
Joanna C. Dunlap & Patrick R. Lowenthal

Chapter 16: Driving Student Engagement and Focus in an Accelerated Biology Class Using Blogs
Tod Duncan

Chapter 17: Best Practices for Web Conferencing with Adobe Connect Pro
Jozianne Mestas

Chapter 18: Lecture Capture Made Easy with Panopto
David Paul

Chapter 19: Taking Class to the Airwaves: BlogTalkRadio
Connie L. Fulmer

Chapter 20: Supporting Faculty Through Podcasting
Anna Thai & Brian Yuhnke

Chapter 21: Using Reflection Surveys to Improve Teaching and Learning
Jackie Dobrovolny & Patrick R. Lowenthal

Emerging Tools and Applications

Android Google Goggles
Ardour Google Sites
Aviary Google Voice
Blabberize Jolicloud
Cacoo Lulu
Chrome Mozy
Clicker Open Office
Createdebate Posterous
Doodle Slideshare
Dropbox Wordle
Gimp Wordpress
Google Calendar Xtranormal

A Review of Selected Timeline Applications
Patty Meek

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