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9th Annual CU Online Spring Symposium - 2010

Session Videos


Student-to-Student: Peer review in the classroom

Come learn how one faculty member turned peer pressure into student improvement. Using a set of tools designed to allow students to provide candid, and anonymous feedback on class projects, everyone in the class earned a grade that was based, in part, on the quality of their work as perceived by their peers.


  • Howard Cook, College of Arts and Media

The Future of eCollege: Presentation of Product Roadmap and Q&A with Pearson/eCollege

Meet with some of the people behind the product. Find out about future functionality plans. Ask questions and make suggestions! This popular, meet the product managers session returns to the symposium in an interactive session.


  • Heather Shoemaker, Pearson/eCollege

Practical uses of web 2.0 tools in your online classroom

Web 2.0 tools make it easy to connect and collaborate with others, and these traits are becoming increasingly desirable in today’s online courses, and ultimately in the professional workplace. However, many discussions about Web 2.0 tools focus on the technical “how to” aspects of these tools, and forget to address why you would use them in a class. Before utilizing these tools you should ask: does this tool have true educational value, or is it just adding bells and whistles? This presentation shows examples of some Web 2.0 tools in a sample online course, including: Wikis, Blogs, Flickr,, Google Docs, Voice Thread, Jing, YouTube, and potentially others as time permits. The practical examples shown in this presentation should help you realize that it’s easy to use these tools in meaningful ways in your online classroom.


  • Gail Krovitz, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of Anthropology

A Student Panel Exploration

Come and join us for this lively discussion from the student’s perspective on what truly makes an online course exceptional! This will be an interactive discussion, so please bring questions you would like to ask our diverse student panel!


  • Kate Miller, Academic Technology & Extended Learning
  • Naomi Wahls, Academic Technology & Extended Learning

That Was Awesome! A faculty panel about tech and tool use in real classrooms

Looking for ideas? Want to see what others have been doing in their online courses this year? In this share session several faculty will walk us through examples of great things happening in their online courses. You will have a chance to view and hear concrete examples and then there will be a brief discussion about what they do and how you may apply it in your work. Please join us!


  • Joanna Dunlap, School of Education & Human Development
  • Storm Gloor, Colege of Arts & Media
  • Connie Fulmer, School of Education & Human Development
  • Jenna Ream, School of Education & Human Development
  • Laura Summers, School of Education & Human Development

Technologies to Watch

A symposium favorite! What's new in technology? What's hot? What's not? This lively presentation never fails to point toward the potentials for online technology.


  • Brian Yuhnke, Academic Technology and Extended Learning

And now for something completely different... Re-energizing online courses

If you are a fan of Monty Python, then this is a familiar phrase, and you know that when it's uttered it means that something truly different is about to happen – so hold on! All courses, whether online or on-campus, have ebbs and flows…points of high energy, activity, and engagement, followed by periods of apathy and an overwhelming desire to hide or at least nap. What can we do to re-energize our courses, and jolt ourselves and our students out of the slumps? As a follow-up to last year's "What's Fun Got to Do With It?" session, please join Joni Dunlap on an exploration of a few new ideas for shaking things up in your online courses.


  • Joanna Dunlap, School of Education & Human Development

Social Media Madness!

Social media is all the rage. But can it help create a more conducive teaching environment? Find out how to join the social media revolution from expert in social media management, marketing and advertising, Eric Elkins.


  • Eric Elkins,

Academic Life Live! Real time Research, Teaching, and Service, online

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and more have introduced the idea of “lifestreaming.” Easy to use tools on your computer and your phone make it easy to tell friends and family where you are and what you are doing. Using some of these same tools, this session explores the idea of Academic Life Streaming. How can cutting edge tools streamline your research work, allow you to share that with students and communities of interest and simply integrate this stream of data into your classes. Facebook isn’t just for posting pictures of your dog. It, along with many other consumer tools, can be used as a powerful tool to maximize your time investment in research, service and teaching.


  • David Thomas, Academic Technology and Extended Learning
  • Patrick Lowenthal, Academic Technology and Extended Learning

Play Time: Making Games and Learning Work

The idea of using games to teach is as old as games themselves. But how does it work. This session overviews key approaches to the idea of games as a teaching tool, steers you away from the trap of bad “edutainment” and offers a context for understanding why it’s OK to have fun in the classroom.


  • David Thomas, Academic Technology & Extended Learning

Lightening Round: Pecha Kucha Microtralks Return

You’ve got 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to make a point. Ready, set, go! Come watch our presenters as they light up the stage with their fast-paced talks. If you have never seen the Pecha Kucha format before, this rapid-fire presentation style is perfect for compressing dull lectures and getting students to focus their in class presentations. See how it works and enjoy a full session of bite-sized talks.


  • Brian Yuhnke, Academic Technology & Extended Learning


  • Patrick Lowenthal, Academic Technology & Extended Learning


  • Anna Thai, Academic Technology & Extended Learning


  • Jackie Dobrovolny, School of Education and Human Development


  • Cathy Jaynes, College of Nursing
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